Gifts to get Mom for Mother’s Day

Here’s the deal…For moms, Mother’s Day is not about the gifts BUT, in all honesty, we moms still want gifts… That’s the truth. We want to know you thought about us and made a real and actual effort to go to a store or website and buy something. And wrap it.  And get a card. Handmade is nice (especially if the kids are little). But husbands and kids if you’re old enough to read this, please know, this is a time to spend some actual money or the gift card you got from Grandma for your birthday and haven’t used yet, to go out and BUY YOUR MOTHER A GIFT! Show her you appreciate all she does for you in a purely selfless and slightly materialistic way.

I’m just telling you what moms think and feel but won’t say out loud.

It doesn’t need to be an expensive gift but it should be thoughtful, and not just candy bought at the drugstore on the way to brunch, got it??? 

Last year we talked about our favorite wine gadget, that’ll make some mamas very happy…

But, if you need other ideas, here are some of our most wanted, not terribly expensive but useful and appreciated gifts for Mother’s Day!

Oh and one more tip… WE DON’T WANT TO COOK AND CLEAN UP ON MOTHER’S DAY. Take us out to eat or make the meal and clean it up yourselves, like completely clean it up and leave the kitchen the way you found it. That kinda stuff makes us VERY HAPPY. And if you a load or two of laundry, you get bonus points that last a good part of the year too. Just sayin’…

Moms, feel free to forward this onto your significant other or your kids as a not so subtle hint!! And be sure to let us know what you received (and loved).




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