what should I wear to thanksgiving dinner

The Annual Turkey Day Conundrum

Thanksgiving is just a few days away. And, “What should I wear to Thanksgiving dinner?” is a common theme with clients in the weeks leading up to Turkey Day.

Because, let’s face it. The struggle is real. It might be the one time a year you see some of these relatives and you want to look your best. BUT, if your TDay plan is anything like ours, an epic eating fest will probably take place. So you need to wear something comfortable (and maybe even expandable).

How to feel comfortable but look chic – it’s the ultimate juxtaposition and most peoples true holiday wardrobe goal.

Go for a Dress

Even if you’re not a dress girl per se, it’s an easy way to look put together but still be comfortable. Here’s how…

But, don’t do the whole bandage dress thing, it’s too constricting. Instead opt for a sweater dress or a shift. These styles come in all price points, so you can achieve the look and stay in your budget too. We’ve scoured the web and picked out some standouts – we broke them down into categories for you too – Under $100 //  $100-$500 // Over $500. Take a look and let us know what you think…

Under $100 Dresses

We love this one for under $100. The colors are warm and spicy for fall and it’ll let you eat as much as you want! We’d pair it with booties and tights, in the same color, to lengthen your legs.

what should I wear to thanksgiving dinner

More under $100 dresses (click on the photo for details)


$100-$500 Dresses

This dress is selling fast, so act quick, it’s that good. It can be dressed up as pictured or down with combat boots or even thrown over skinny leather pants. And, it’s on sale for $277.what should I wear to thanksgiving dinner


More $100 – $500 dresses (click on the photo for details)


Over $500 Dresses

The other day, Hallie posted on Instagram, that if money were no object, this is the dress she’d be wearing for Thanksgiving. (Just for the record – this is NOT what she’s going to wear). It is a beauty tho…
what should I wear to thanksgiving dinner
Some swoon and splurge worthy dresses (click on the photo for details)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are so very thankful for you all.  The fact that you take time out of your day each week to read this little piece of the internet is incredibly humbling.
AND, If you’re a Black Friday shopper, good luck! It’s the one day a year we don’t shop. So we’ll be hanging out with family, over eating leftover stuffing and sending the universe good vibes for you to be successful in your shopping endeavors. Hit us up in the comments or on FB or IG and let us know what your scored!



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