J crew cashmere star sweater and pleated silk midi skirt

J Crew, Classics with a Twist

A couple of weeks ago our local J Crew asked me to come in and do some styling on the spot.  As a J Crew junkie that fell a little out of love these last few years, I was excited about it for a few reasons…

1. I love meeting all of you guys IRL (in real life)

2. I’m in my zone when I’m styling someone or there’s a fashion challenge that needs to be fixed (like what do I wear with this?? or what do I wear to my high school reunion, a funeral, a work presentation, my kids’ soccer game – you get the idea)

3. And, I was able to get all up close and personal with J Crew’s latest collection – it’s the first collection with new head designer, Chris Benz (who originally worked at J Crew under Jenna Lyons back in the day). 

Like J Crew Back in its Heyday

I’m happy to say this new collection gives me all of the classic J Crew feels, but updated for 2020. For a while, after Jenna Lyons left, it was like J Crew lost its identity, and quite frankly the quality seemed to plummet as well. But, this collection is back on track. Yay for us all!

While J Crew’s signature pattern mixings and layering can be too over the top for some, I really like the interest and options it provides. The good thing is, it’s not an all or nothing proposition. Mix some, or mix none, or mix a lot – J Crew is like the all you can eat buffet. You get to choose how much you’re going to eat what your meal will look like. The classics are classics and you can add the fun, only if you want.

J Crew Fall outfit ideas

A Little Something for Everyone

The good news is J Crew 2.0 has a little bit for everyone. At its core, it’s still preppy with a fun, quirky, laidback twist. But this new collection has something for every life role. Cute and easy pieces for carpool and lunch with friends and interesting, tailored pieces for the boardroom. There are so many wearable options at J Crew right now.

Overall I was happy and impressed and would highly recommend a visit (online or in-store).

Here are some of my favorites.

If I had to recommend just one piece to try it would be the pleated midi skirt (In the top photo). It can be worn year-round, comes in a bunch of colors and looks equally good with sneakers or heels. And it’s under $100 too.

Have you been into J Crew lately? What did you think? Were you as impressed as I was? LMK, really…

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