We’re running this post early because the Banana Republic Sale ENDS NOVEMBER 6 at MIDNIGHT!!

Yes, I know this is delivering to your inbox Sunday night instead of Tuesday morning. But for good reason. FIRST,  to remind you to make sure you go out and VOTE on Tuesday!! Because your vote counts!!! And apathy ain’t gonna make any changes happen, and we need change! SO PLEASE VOTE! And second,  to give you a way to reward yourself for fulfilling your civic duty . Like with a little online sale shopping at Banana Republic, that sounds like a really good plan, right??? BTW, the sale ends Tuesday at Midnight – so get on it!

You might be thinking, Banana Republic? Really? That store feels like a great place to shop for work clothes but I need…    But  I think most of you, like most of our clients, want pieces in their wardrobes that can serve multiple purposes. Like a blouse, you can wear to the office, or a volunteer meeting but then also wear out on a Saturday night too. And that’s what we’ve found at Banana Republic and it’s all on crazy sale AND it comes in petite and tall sizes too. So, YOU ARE WELCOME!!

And, from our reader survey (HUGE thank you to those that responded) we heard that you like when we help you shop a sale. Just so you know, it’s Hallie writing this week, and boy do I hear you! It can be so overwhelming to look at a friends and family type sale (where there are not many exclusions) and know what is worth it to buy and what’s a hype and waste of time.

Up To 50% OFF – that’s worth it!

To be honest, I was going to write about something totally different this week but I got an alert that Banana Republic is having a 50% off sale, and then I started clicking thru the site and saving a bunch of pieces for clients (some that work outside the home and some that do not) and thought, duhhhhh, the blog readers are going to want to know about these pieces. So here you have it! My favorites from the Banana Republic Friends and Family Sale. Note that there are some extra savings if you’re a cardholder (for Gap, Old Navy, Athleta too, because, fun fact, they’re all owned by the same company)

I picked my favorite pieces, but because they’re on sale, the good ones go FAST. So, don’t get mad if your size sells out quickly – I can’t help that I’m picking the good stuff!!

For the Ladies:

My best bets for the girls – for work or play these won’t let you down.


For the Guys:

I couldn’t forget about the guys because Banana Republic has some great picks for him too.

I tried to include the style tips in the commentary under each photo – be sure to let me know how that worked for you.





Photo : Molly Nook

Outfit details: this suit is from Banana Republic but from last year. I’ve loved wearing it as a suit and broken up as well.  This season I have my eye on this metallic number – cute, right?? I’m going to wear it to holiday parties with a strappy silk top and embellished sandal. And then with slim jeans and slouchy boots for a GNO.

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