Great Fitting Pants

Finding a great fitting pair of pants is flippin’ hard. And when I say pants I mean non-jeans. Could be work pants or just khaki pants, basically like gown up non-sweat and not jean pants. It’s like the holy grail of bottoms. “I need a great fitting pair of black pants,” says every woman everywhere. And they’re not easy to find. This is a common theme with many women we encounter, including ourselves. Too tight in the hips and too big in the waist. Dumpy in the tush. Looks matronly. Oy!

Elana and I are built totally differently and often when something doesn’t look good on me, it’ll look amazeballs on her. And vise versa. BTW, that’s how I lucked out with my leopard print high holidays dress this year – If you follow me on Instagram Stories you know all about it. Elana ordered it for herself but it was no bueno on her, so I happily inherited it. Last year the same thing happened in reverse. I ordered and yuck on me, but fab on her.

The Nili Lotan Brand Looks Good on Both of Us!!

Why am I telling you all this? Because when we find things that look good on both of us, it typically means it will look good on most women. Remember the universally flattering Madewell jean we were waxing poetic about last year? That’s one of those pieces that looks good on both of us and on like every woman that has tried them.

This summer we separately tried on the Nili Lotan pants and you know what? They were amazing on both of us!!! Instead of it being one style that fits us both, we each found a different style that was flattering. And since they’ve got a bunch of different styles, there is something for every style, taste and every BODY shape.

Here’s the Low Down on Nili Lotan

Nili Lotan is an Israeli-born and New York City-based fashion designer with a simple, pure and sophisticated design aesthetic. We are extra obsessed with her because her philosophy is that a woman’s wardrobe should reflect her lifestyle and function as an extension of who she is. I mean AMEN to that!

Just so you’re prepared, these are not $19.99 pants. These pants are more of a wardrobe investment. But pants are a place to invest – they take a lot of wear and tear and when they actually fit well… I mean need I say more? The other thing to think about is quality over quantity. In the last few weeks, we’ve had 5 new clients tell us they’re sick of buying a ton of crap and would rather invest in fewer items of a higher quality. We’re big believers of that – in fact the pants that I’m wearing in the photo above I’ve worn a gazillion different ways and at least 2 times a week. So, on a cost per wear basis, they’ve given me a great ROI.

How I’ve worn these pants

Our Favorite Nili Lotan Pants

Huge Props for Elana!

Elana has been working with me for 4 years now! And I have honestly loved every single minute of it. She is the kindest soul, has mad folding skills and a great sense of style. So, I’m thrilled to say that after 4 years of gentle prodding and cajoling, Elana finally agreed to 1. take on clients of her own under the TWC umbrella and 2. step in front of the camera!

That’s her, on the left in the pants with the red and blue stripe. And in the next few blog posts, she’ll even show her pretty face. I am kind of making light of it, but this is a HUGE accomplishment. It really is not easy to put yourself out there and get in front of a camera and then put those same photos up online. But as I mentioned above, and as Elana and I discussed at length, and as I received as feedback from all of you, seeing different people, with different shaped bodies on this blog is important, so we are working on it.

Let us know what you think and if you try any of these Nili Lotan pants, if there’s a style that really works for you.






Photo: Molly Nook

Outfit details: Elana – pants // shoes   Hallie – pants // shoes

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