Sephora Sale – What to Get at the BIG Event!

The Sephora Sale is their HUGE beauty insider event, going on right now! It’s sort of like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale for Beauty junkies. Remember how crazy everyone gets about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Now it’s the beauty obsessives turn. BTW, many of the Nordy items we had blogged about that sold out are NOW RESTOCKED AND ON SALE AGAIN! Here are links to our Nordy Sale roundups to help you sort thru if you want to try again. Hallie’s Picks, Elana’s Picks, Paris’ Picks (Sale prices will show up with these links, don’t worry)

Ok, back to beauty!! The Sephora sale discount amount is dependent on your Sephora membership status (meaning how much you spend a year) Signing up to be an insider is free – many of you may already be insiders like me but have never used it online. When I shop Sephora in person I just give them my phone # and they keep track of what I’ve spent and typically offer me a gift at checkout. But because of this event, I signed up online for the program to be linked (click here) and then, depending on how much you spend there annually, you are leveled into different categories with different benefits.

Public Access Starts TODAY!

The Sephora Sale – The Main Event: August 30–September 3 • All VIB members will receive access to shop event products at 15% off with code YESVIB, and Beauty Insider members will be able to shop the same at 10% off with code YESINSIDER. But note, you can use the discount code online ONLY ONCE. Almost everything at Sephora is included in the sale!

Since we can’t do try on sessions for beauty stuff like we do with clothes, we’re doing a round up of the products we love and use on the regular that are available at the Sephora sale (along with the reasons we love them). AND we’re including the products we’ve heard about from our trusted girlfriends and are on our “to try” list. A Sephora sale savings event like this is a great time to try s new product (or two) at a discount.

Sephora Sale Faves at a savings

When there’s a sale this good, it deserves an extra post during the week, don’t ya think? And if there are products you swear by that we missed, share them!! Let us know in the comments.






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