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What’s so special about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

It’s that time of year again… The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. If you’re not familiar with this sale (is that even possible??) here’s a quick 411. Unlike of typical sales where mark downs are on PAST season merchandise, The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale  marks down  PRE SEASON items. Like all the things you might need for this upcoming Fall/Winter 2018! And because it’s pre-season there are full size runs, not just the picked over stuff. It’s only for a few weeks in July/August and after that the pieces go UP to their regular price!!

Really, the sale is worth it. You can end up with some key pieces for a lot less – but there are some tricks of the trade I’ll share with you to up your chances of success. And, btw, all the items pictured are from this years sale – 2018!!

Both personally and when advising clients, I like to approach this sale in a few ways.

  1. Look for workhorse pieces. Those pieces that may not be the MOST interesting but they’re the ones you’re able to wear again and again. For those items I always suggest buying the best quality you can afford. And since the Anniversary Sale features tried and true brands it makes it easier to invest in quality. We talked all about this last year at Anni Sale time
  2. Try out a new trend. The items in the sale are not the most cutting edge trendy but they are always on trend and available for less. Meaning, if you’re going to try out something new, it’s nice to do it on sale.
  3. We will do a few extra blog posts in honor of the Anniversary Sale. Once the sale goes live (Thursday, July 12) I’ll be able to direct link my favorite pieces. And I’ll try to do some try on sessions too (Probably on Instagram Stories – so be sure to follow me there) so I can let you know about size, fabrics and stuff like that. That may not happen until the weekend tho, because um, work…
  4. If you click the links I provided here once the sale goes live, the new sale items should pop to the top (fingers crossed on that – it’s what I read in the blogger-sphere – so I give it a 50/50 chance of working).
  5. Shop on line – there’s more selection and less people elbowing you in the ribs. AND if in doubt about size, order both  –  stuff sells out FAST. Just be sure to return the reject so someone else can have dibs.
  6. Shop early – like really early, because items sell out quickly – and the whole restocking/waitlist thing is pretty iffy.

What to look for:

Boots and booties

The shoes make the outfit, right? But they have to be comfortable too. Brands like Stuart Weitzman and Aquatalia are great to invest in during this sale. There is a really cute Vince Camuto cut out bootie that is perfect for that fall transition weather. And a red sock bootie by Leith that’s a great deal and a great way to try out that trend too.



Leather is always expensive. But it’s classic, lasts forever and is perpetually chic. It always happens to be on our clients lists too. Maybe that’s because I have a slight leather jacket addiction, but I like to think it’s because it makes such a great topper. There is a great Ted Baker pink leather jacket that I have my eye on. But it you’re more into classic colors both Vince and Derek Lam have some camel color leather that is to die for!




Like leather, good cashmere is expensive, but oh so worth it! I am a huge fan of the Nordstrom Signature Collection cashmere. High quality, great design and fair price (made even better with this sale). I took a sneak peek today at my local store and Vince, Lafayette and Eileen Fisher had really good sweater options too.



As much as I dislike the fact that Good American jeans are a product of the Kardashian empire, I have to admit they fit great! I hate these kind of moral dilemmas tho – ughhhh! Luckily, select styles of  Rag and Bone, Frame, AG and Levi’s are all part of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale too.















Living in Cleveland, the winter lasts FOREVER (although in middle of July it is hard to remember what winter feels like). Anyway, outerwear is an often overlooked but important of ones wardrobe. Because you’re wearing your jacket all of the time, for months on end, you want it to be good! This Vince hoodie looks scrumptious and cozy.  The Jcrew wool coat looks great in the photo – but I saw it today and the wool is pretty rough. So if you’re sensitive at all, I’d pass on this one. There is a great lavender overcoat that I put in my shop cart on Thursday.















Bags are another area you can really score with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. There are many more that will be included that are not in the catalog. Today I saw a Longchamp that  was included and there are also some Rebecca Minkoff and Tumi as well. Super high end designers are not usually part of this sale. I am really liking this circle bag and think it would look cool day or night.

Ok, wanna know my final, very important Nordstrom Anniversary Sale tip? Sign up for a Nordstrom Card – that, is how you get early access and you get points too.

If there are any particular things you’re looking for that you want me to focus on when shopping the sale and posting, let me know in the comments – I’ll do my best to check it out for you. Look for more posts with links later this week.

Happy Anni Sale you guys!






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