What to give the man who likes to look good, but hates to shop (Sound Familiar?) by. Erin Pollock

So, a few months ago I gifted my husband with the perfect experience – wait for it – the no shopping/ shopping experience. It’s called J. Hillburn, and it’s custom clothing brought right to your home. Let me explain this painless process – 1. Hillburn rep shows up. 2. Husband takes break during half-time of whatever game he’s watching 3. Husband is measured for exact fit. 4. Fabrics are picked (in our case, a collaborative effort between my hubby, me, and a J. Hillburn expert) 4. Bam – Shirts/Pants/Jackets and ready-to-wear (beautiful cashmere sweater) ordered all before game resumes.

It really is a modern way to outfit your man without inevitably leaving him sitting on the ledge of some mall fountain while you forget all about shopping for him as your radar naturally leads you to the ladies shoe department (which could mean, let’s face it, abandoning him for hours)

Anyway, if my anecdote isn’t enough to convince you, allow me to tell you what Hallie and Anastasia can offer this holiday (yes, they are now repping J. Hillburn!) These lovely and talented ladies are willing to throw in a 1 hour free consultation with the purchase of a $150 gift card (that’s a custom shirt and consultation with these fashion experts – A $225 value).

And with that I say, may you all have a very Happy Hilburn Holiday.


Cleveland-based personal stylist and fashion blogger.

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