Red, White, and Blue, Thru and Thru.

It’s the 4th of July! So, we’re running this post a day early. That way you can get all ready for your holiday in style…There’s no camp, no school, no work, and no schedule. The 4th means, we’re going to a BBQ, and then going to stay up past our bedtimes for fireworks. We’ll all be crabby in the morning when it’s time to wake up for work, and camp. But tough luck kids, because it’s Independence Day, and it’s totally worth it! We get to wake up to freedom every day. We can make free decisions galore, that even include deciding what to wear each morning. Red, white, and blue thru and thru.

Let Freedom Ring.

But, sometimes having the freedom to decide what to wear in the morning feels like a burden.  Ya dig? (Not if you use TWC, then you’ll always know what to wear.) It might be easier if we were all school girls, and were told what to wear each day. Who wants that though, when we have the freedom to decide what to wear. And anyway, it would get stale really fast. Who wants to wear the same thing every day?

For Your 4th, From the 5Th.

Last week we had the amazing opportunity to attend a blogger event at Saks Fifth Avenue in The CLE. We had a live fashion show, showing off incredible new pieces for summer. We saw merchandise that is new to Saks and The CLE, and IT. WAS. AWESOME. (So, we just had to share, because you know we love to.)


We saw pieces by up and coming designers, and pieces that you won’t see coming and going. Pieces that are totally cool, and not stale. Unique pieces that are ready to wear TODAY, for your 4th of July party, or to any other backyard BBQ that’s on your calendar for the rest of the summer. So, let freedom ring, and decide which pieces you like best for your summer shin dig?

Gold Bar

The Clothes…4th of July perfect

New to Saks, Scripted feels Milly-ish at a lesser price point. And this adorbs romper is a two-fer.  Tie it in the front as shown here, or as a halter around the neck.



A blank canvas for your 4th of July party or any other back yard BBQ (just maybe not with the heel shown).


Literally the perfect summer BBQ dress. We’re obsessed. (And, it’s on SALE!)


We love this sweet dress with the belt  knotted on the side instead of in a bow for your BBQ. Or, going for a night out on the town? Tie it in the bow.



A POP of red for the poppin’ fireworks! Swap out the black bottoms here for a blue or white jean. Hurry, this top is selling fast…


Check, please!


The stars are shining for this awesomely slouchy T-shirt.


These jeans aren’t just for the 4th of July.


We ARE Blind for Love. In love with the fact that Saks in The CLE brought Gucci shoes back. Wahoo!


This bag says it all. Happy 4th and beyond!


So, what are your holiday plans?? Are you going to sport some red, white and blue too?? Wishing you all a fabulous 4th!

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