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Sing with us Shawn Mendes style, “I know what you did last summer”. Well, actually, we aren’t really sure what YOU did last summer. But last summer we both went to see Coldplay in concert, and planned our outfits accordingly. With countless concerts on the bill for this summer, we’re here to help, so “U2” can plan YOUR next concert outfit accordingly.

We’ve got the 5 items to help you coordinate a concert ready outfit and some suggestions for things to leave at home too.

Gold Bar#1

Nancy Sinatra sang, These Boots Were Made for Walking.


You might have to do some walking, so make sure your shoes are comfy enough to do just that. Go for a bootie, or low profile sneaker that shows some ankle, instead of showing some toe. You don’t want your tootsies stepped on while people are pushing and shoving in lines, or while you’re dancing.

Are you a little bit country, and a little bit rock and roll? Go for these


or these. 


These flatform sneakers are rockin’ with just the right amount of comfort and lift!




In James Brown’s words, Hot Pants Road.



You might be going to a concert outside in the warm summer air. Or, it could be indoors where people are packed in like sardines. Either way, comfort is key, so choose a pant that breaths. A lightweight cropped flared pant, is perfect for indoors or out. You’ll thank us when you have a shvitz free evening. Feel free to wear your holey boyfriend jeans too. It’s like free air conditioning.

We’re loving the asymmetrical fly of these boyfriend jeans.


A breathable cotton cropped pant that’ll look great with your booties or sneakers.

isabel-pantThese pants don’t have holes, but they do have good air supply. FYI – they run on the small side, you may want to order a size up.




With a raspy voice, Rod Stewart belted out, The Handbags and the Gladrags.


Every concert going gal should have the right bag. Who wants to be weighted down by a big ol’ shoulder bag, or clutch that you have to hold all night long? No thanks! A small cross body bag to hold your essentials is all you need for the show.

This perfect little cross body is under $50. You can’t go wrong even if you don’t have a concert to go to.


Because I’m Happy, clap along…


This ain’t yo’ Granny’s Fanny. Believe it or not, this utilitarian sack is uber cool again!




Country music man, Kenny Chesney sings, No shoes, No shirt, No problem


Yeah, right! Pretty please, wear both. But since we already spoke about shoes, let’s talk about shirts…Opt for a fun top, or graphic t-shirt. One that can easily be layered in the case that you need to put a topper on. You don’t want to feel all scrunched up and uncomfortable. You want to feel easily put together.

Who are you going to see, WHO, WHO?



Maybe this comes with the matching Underoos? Remember those?


Every breath you take, every move you make, they’re watching you.



Who knew Elton John has a song called, Leather Jacket?!?


You’ll need a layering piece, to complete your outfit. And our toppers of choice are leather jackets, light blazers and denim jackets. They say concert, and can easily be tied around your waist to keep your hands free all night long. Save The Cardigans (they’re actually a rock band) for another time, they’re a little more library and little less concert.

A throw back to the 90’s, from Gap’s limited edition collection of iconic pieces.  And, just in case you’re going to see the Wahlberg boys and the rest of The NKOTB you’ll have “The Right Stuff”.



A leather jacket for those concerts under the stars.


An easy, light weight blazer to top off the night.


No matter what your age, or who you’re going to see, if you stick to the outfit formula you’ll be all set to enjoy the show. So, tell us, who are you going to see this summer, and what are you planning on wearing?

Consider this a big P.S. … while we were researching for this post, we kinda re-fell in love with a certain mall retailer. And really, why should you have to wait for a whole other post to fall in love yourself? So, here ya go…

What we’re buying from GAP right now PLUS 40% off with code STOCKUP!

We’ve been on a mad hunt for day dresses (both for clients and ourselves) and GAP’s got a bunch to choose from. Loving the structure but airiness of this one, and the easy going, boho vibe of this and this. And the shape of this is fantastic (and it comes in petite!) This jersey jumpsuit has pulled together comfort written all over it (might need both colors!) A wrap skirt is on our wish list this season – loving this and this, and this too. Oh, and tops… the color on this and everyday perfectness of this and the detail on this… And for bottoms, these jeans are totally on point. Especially when paired with this tank. We haven’t even covered shoes and accessories yet…

Can you tell why we’re gushing??

Anyway, have a great week you guys!


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