Alo Yoga-The Exercise clothing brand you NEED to know about.

I’m not much of an exercise person, (this is Hallie btw) although I am trying to change that for 2019. But, I know many of you are waaaay into fitness as well as exercise clothes, so it’s been on my “to blog about” list for a while now. And then, the other day Elana showed up at my house wearing THE CUTEST workout outfit – and her butt and thighs looked sooooo good in the leggings too… I was obsessed and promptly placed an order.  Of course, you guys need to know about this brand and why it’s so great too. So Elana is taking over the blog this week to talk all things ALO...

Elana’s take on her favorite exercise clothes

Wearing gym clothes outside of the gym wasn’t my thing.  I’d constantly worry that my butt might look too big, or the flab that hangs over my sports bra was showing. I’m good at hiding all of that under my regular clothes, but in exercise clothes I never found it to be so easy.  So, in the past, if I was buying clothing, I’d generally prefer it to be everyday stuff like jeans, sweaters, and t-shirts. This is the kind of stuff I felt good in. Which meant my exercise wardrobe was really lacking. I needed an update, like ASAP, so I turned to some pros.

I asked a friend and my sister who are both in the fitness business what brands they suggested. Who better to ask than girls who sweat for a living, right? So I gave them my list of what I wanted in exercise clothes and their answer…Alo Yoga! So I ordered a box and literally kept every piece inside of it. (There were 14 pieces.) It was all comfortable, and to my eye, it looked good from head to toe, even if I had to grocery shop straight from the gym. 

Why Alo Yoga is great!

One day shortly after the Alo gear arrived, I went to Hallie’s right from the gym. No changing in between like I’d usually do going anywhere else. But Hallie is my safe space so I knew I would be fine. I was wearing my new Alo Yoga gear, and this is what happened. Hallie said 4 magic words….”YOUR A** LOOKS AMAZEBALLS!”.  Those words were beautiful music to my ears. I did it…I sweat for an hour in comfortable exercise clothes, and I looked good afterward, too. This meant I got to check off all the criteria on my list for the perfect exercise gear. 

  1. It is comfortable to work out in. No slipping, or tugging necessary.
  2. The pieces are sweat wicking. You’ll be able to run, and then run around town after class. 
  3. Everything fits true to size. Who doesn’t hate ordering and having to return.
  4. The sports bras hold up the girls without creating that flabby hangover and are supportive enough for running. 
  5. There are endless options for complete exercise outfits that mix and match.
  6. The pant fabric nips and tucks in all of the right places.

Check out our favorite pieces to come and go in!



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What are your fitness goals for 2019? It always feels good to sweat in something new. So, if you’re gonna sweat, you might as well sweat in style. Have a great workout!!

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  1. ellen f wolff Reply

    Too bad….many of the alo pieces are sold out. Love the ripped hoodie…can’t find it in white in my size.

    • Hallie Abrams Reply

      Ellen, try again. I just checked and most things were in stock.

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