ASOS, the internet shopping site you need to know about.

(Plus, my picks to make the shopping easy…)

If you’re tall, petite, or curvy…they have something for you. Romantic, rocker, or minimalist? They have something for you. If you like easy, fast, and convenient, they have something for you. WHAT IS IT you might ask?? I’ll tell you…Only my new favorite internet shopping spot. ASOS!!!

This post was originally published in 2017 however, the ASOS links were updated in 2021.

ASOS, like Amazon Prime, but for the stylish.

ASOS prides itself on representing fashion democracy. In other words, they are size and gender inclusive, promote body positivity, and environmentally concious. From a fashion perspective they’re cutting edge and spot on. And as a fashion stylist that shops for people of all ages and sizes, I’m always able to find items I’m proud to present to my clients from ASOS.

For a fee of $19/year you can subscribe to ASOS Premier two day shipping program. It’s awesome you guys! Like Amazon for the stylish. Let’s just say, you wake up on Wednesday morning and realize you have nothing to wear on Saturday night. (Which wouldn’t really be a problem if you use The Wardrobe Consultant services.) Anywho, let’s just say nothing to wear, and no time. Punch and click ASOS, and by Fri-yay you’ll have what you need for Saturday night. Voila! It’s that simple.

Don’t snooze… you’ll lose.

And while I’m on the subject of real quick…ASOS sells out of the good stuff real quick. The fashion girls know the good stuff, and as a result, it goes in a blink of an eye. Like, even some of the pieces I picked out, were already sold out or low stock by the time I hit publish… Seriously people, this is an ASAP kind of site.  So, I won’t take any more of your time. Get to it and shop ASOS. Oh, and P.S. you can’t beat most of their prices. Ya’ll know I love a win win.

Gold Bar

Here’s a LONG list of likes. (Who doesn’t like options??)

Well, are you hooked?? Did you find something to wear this weekend? Send me pics of YOUR picks. Can’t wait to see em’.

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P.S.S. In conclusion, one more quick thing…please read the fine print for the ASOS Premier shipping.



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