People always ask, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?? And, remember, I’m all about sharing the info – I’m NOT one of those girls that keeps it all to herself  – I share the wealth, because it makes it better and easier for us all – can I get an AMEN sista???

So, these past few weeks I’ve been busily working with clients getting their wardrobes updated for spring/summer 2016.

My philosophy is all about building a functional wardrobe that flatters you and meets your lifestyle needs, effortlessly.

Soooo, here are a few key pieces I’ve recommended to clients this week AND the REASON they’re so good.

AND because I know you were going to ask… where to get it, JUST CLICK THE PINK LINK AND VOILA!

  1. These ponte pants fit like a dream and look much better on than in the photo or even on the hanger. The slightly cropped leg makes it updated with out being too trendy and they look great with pumps or sneakers. Bonus – for a wide pant they’re super flattering. (psst – I liked them so much I even grabbed a pair for myself, yep, they’re that good!) Oh, and did I mention that the ponte makes it feel like you’re wearing pj’s? JUST. FABULOUS. The end.



2. This sleeveless wrap dress is so versatile – wrap dresses look good on most body types AND how cute will this look with the fringe necklace I posted about here?!



3. Sometime I love Birkenstocks – if you have a tried and true pair it’s time to pull them out. But this year I’m loving  them because of their chunkiness – it balances all the cropped, baggy styles. And I love the bronze color, metallic but not blingy at all. Just super neutral and cool!


4. Fell in love with this sweater! Fits great (I’d recommend sizing up to get that drapey, cool look) and it’s super lightweight but not see thru, ummm, yay!


5. These shoes are the bomb! Perfect heel height, come in A BUNCH OF COLORS, d’Orsay style makes legs like they go on for days and the suede makes them pretty comfortable (as heels go). Bonus  – the nude color (NOT the color pictured, a true tan/nude) seems to work with most skin tones too! AND, BECAUSE I KNOW YOU WERE GONNA ASK —  YES, YOU CAN WEAR SUEDE ALL YEAR ROUND!

6. This one’s an investment piece but on a cost per wear basis probably justifiable… This baby will top off a t shirt and jeans AND look equally perfect over a cocktail dress. It’s a perfect blazer – True LOVE.


7. I’m waaaay into these chain style earrings – they’re delicate (they kind of thread thru your ear) but make an impact at the same time. And, the mixed metals on this pair let you wear them with EVERYTHING!!!!


8. Pretty much obsessed with sneakers these days – and these are the pinnacle of chic sneaks. I didn’t want to believe it BUT, they really are comfortable too… Yep, beauty and comfort, all in one shoe.

Sorry this post was short, but hopefully sweet – running to the next client to coordinate more awesome spring outfits! G-d, I love my job!!

Happy SPRING people!!!!

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