A Raincoat Can be Chic

Rain, rain GO AWAY! I don’t want to have to wear a raincoat AGAIN!!!  Is it just me or does it feel like it’s been raining FOREVER! Mother nature get your sh*t together already!

As if the idea of putting on a raincoat isn’t bad enough… to then feel like the Gorton’s Fisherman when wearing it, is just too much to bear. While I sincerely hope we won’t need to wear our raincoats much longer, I do know that we seem to need these classic pieces in our wardrobes year after year.

If we can’t control the weather at least we can control how we respond to the crappy weather. And IMHO looking chic is the best revenge. And there are some surprisingly good looking raincoats out there right now.

Raincoats I LOVE

It’s raining again…

We’ve written about raincoats and rain boots and umbrellas before, but that was in March of 2018. In March I expect it to be rainy, and kind of cold too – so most of those coats were thicker or had liners. But in June, we shouldn’t be having this much rain and our raincoat just need to keep us dry, not quite as warm. 

So, basically, I am wondering if anyone else is feeling the need to start building an ark? While I am kind of saying this as a joke, I am also kind of not. I am truly loving my new raincoat and am excited to wear it, just not in June!! I’m way over this weather, just sayin’ and complainin’.

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Outfit Details: Coat // T-shirt // Jeans // Belt // Boots // Glasses


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