Evereve lightening bolt graphic t-shirt and zebra cardigan

What’s EVEREVE??

Some of you might be scratching your heads right now… EVEREVE? What’s that? It sounds vaguely familiar. Does she mean Everlane? Nope, while I love Everlane (the direct to consumer, industry disruptor that carries quality basics), EVEREVE is a different kind of retail disruptor.

EVEREVE is a store for Mom’s – But in a good way…

EVEREVE is NOT a maternity store. And it’s not your mother’s kind of mom store either. Meaning when folks use the term “mom fashion” it’s often meant as being comfortable and practical but looking dowdy and frumpy. But I can tell you that’s not what my readers want and it’s not what my clients want and thankfully that is not at all what EVEREVE delivers.

Maybe I’d describe it as a cool, casual mom vibe. Current and put together with a little bit of interest or edge. And age-appropriate, no crop-tops or thigh-high slits, but with just a touch of sex appeal. The chain founder, Megan Tamte, calls it “wholesome sexy – mom sexy… Hot and wholesome”

Think jeans, a graphic t-shirt, and a cozy cardigan. Or a cute cami and a leather jacket with a bootie.  But there are pieces for work, and going out too. A few dresses but not special occasion wear. Really the store is stocked with pieces that work for everyday life. Outfits to take you from carpool to a meeting, then to the grocery and straight to a sporting event and then to dinner out. Clothes that take you through your day and therefore through your life.

They’ve made it REALLY EASY to Shop

The 80+ store chain has a Cleveland location in Beachwood Place Mall (2nd floor) and super helpful staff.  The in-store experience is meant to be pleasurable and slightly pampering, The aisles are double-wide to accommodate strollers. And there is comfortable seating for husbands or significant others. Plus, a special kids area with a lego table and goldfish snacks to keep little ones occupied while mom is trying things on.

I’m Partnering with EVEREVE on Instagram

Each month I’m going to pop into our Beachwood EVEREVE, scope out my favorite pieces and style them up for you on Instagram. So make sure you’re following me on Instagram and on Instagram Stories in particular because that’s where the action is gonna be.

I’ll tell you not only what I like and how it fits, but WHERE TO WEAR IT and WHAT TO WEAR IT WITH!

Here’s a peek at what I loved on my recent visit – and for all the details check out my EVEREVE highlights reel on IG

Evereve rainbow sweater - The wardrobe consultant
Lol – Ignore the tag on my boot. The store manager took the photo for me and I am not adept at photoshop #reallife


And in upcoming months I’m going to ask for your help… you know how there are situations you need to get dressed for that especially stress you out like a trip to NYC, Kids choral concert, Thanksgiving dinner, High School reunion, you get the idea… Well, what I’m going to ask for is for you to pop your  WHAT TO WEAR, WHERE situation in the comments (and on Instagram) and I’ll style up some outfits for just that occasion from Evereve. It sounds like fun, right? You can start NOW and drop a comment below.

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