White Blazers for the WIN

Do you know how some people are bag girls? And others shoe addicts? Well, I consider myself more of a jacket junkie. In other words, I love me a great jacket, or any topper actually. It’s the third piece that really finishes an outfit. And my white blazer is on heavy rotation right now.

And this season, my most worn wardrobe addition is my white blazer. There’s something about it that makes even my oldest and most repeated outfits feel fresh and new. Therefore, it’s my newest wardrobe MVP.

Really, you can wear a white blazer the same way you’d wear a black blazer. But in the hot summer months, it feels more seasonally appropriate. And even in the spring and fall, a white blazer gives an extra dose of polish to an outfit.

A few things to look for in a white blazer:

  1. Just like white jeans, you have to pay attention to the fit and fabric of a white blazer, or it can look cheap.
  2. Fabric with texture, like linen, crepe, or satin, helps give the color (or lack of) depth and interest. And, similarly, it stops the blazer from looking like a lab coat!
  3. Look for interesting buttons or details, so you can tell it’s a styled blazer.
  4. Pay attention to the length – opt for something that hits mid-thigh or shorter – again, to avoid the lab coat thing.
  5. And, it doesn’t need to be pure white – cream, ivory, alabaster all work well to create a monotone look (that’s very chic) and play well with pure white.

How to style a white blazer:

  1. Pair it with jeans, a tee-shirt and flats for an easy daytime look.
  2. Throw a white blazer over a floral dress to add some refinement and warmth (hello blasting summer a/c).
  3. Adding a white blazer to an all-black ensemble helps brighten it up.
  4. Finally, the juxtaposition of a crisp white blazer and a pair of cut-off or leather shorts makes an outfit pop.

Some of my Favorite white blazers (at all price points)

Lastly, do you have a white blazer in your closet yet? Are you into the idea? Did these styling tips help? Let me know in the comments…


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Photo: Becky Cormell

Location:  District Gallery

Outfit details: Blazer  size 6 // Jeans  size 27 // Shoes  size 7 // T-shirt size 2


Cleveland-based personal stylist and fashion blogger.

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