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The Best Winter Coats

It’s winter and it’s cold and we don’t want to wear a coat! But, you asked in reply to our Insta Stories to write about them, and therefore, you shall receive. We live in Cleveland, and like it or not, the weather kinda sucks here. It’s been only a few weeks of cold and we’re already over it! If we have to wear coats, they might as well be cute, don’t you think? Especially since we’re going to be wearing them for the next 4 – 6 months straight!

And, while there are a lot of really stylish looking jackets out there, the reality is, a winter coat needs to be warm, that’s its’ life purpose… It’s a piece of clothing that requires an investment so it can do the job right – it’s no good to look fab but freeze your a** off, ya know?

Fashion + Function

Just as with shoes and bags, there are a few brands that set the standards (both aesthetically and functionally) and then there are others that hit the mark either aesthetically OR functionally. In an ideal world, you want BOTH. Our personal belief is, that when buying a winter coat, it’s a time to splurge a bit and spend as much as you comfortably can — We use the cost per wear formula, partly to justify our addiction, but also because it just makes sense. Think about it, we wear winter coats EVERYDAY for months straight. And, in so many places we don’t even take them off (think grocery store, mall, bus, taxi… you get the point) so, if there’s a place to invest, this is it.

THE Winter Coat Guide

The creme de la creme of winter coats are those that successfully hit that axis of fashion and function, here are our favorites, organized by category…and at every price…

Each type of coats serves a different purpose when getting dressed. So, when building a functional winter coat wardrobe, it’s ideal to have one coat from each of the below categories BEFORE going, going deep with one particular type of outerwear.



A puffer is a classic, all-purpose winter coat. It works well with casual clothes and workwear AND it wipes clean – three cheers for that, right? And, the updated slim styling and warmth technology allows you to look slightly puffy but not like the Michelin Man. We love a longer puffer to cover the tush with a lower profile shoe and a shorter puffer with a higher boot.  Don’t let the hemline of the puffer fight with the top of your boot. 



The parka is an easy every day coat that gives a sporty feel. The fur lined versions give a current, and easy update to any winter coat wardrobe. 

                                1. One of these Parka’s is a splurge, one a mid-price and one a stealALL are uber current. Guess which is which…




2. Just because it’s a parka it doesn’t mean it needs to be green. Try a black or ivory parka.


Parajumpers fur trim hooded parka


We’re big fans of the classic cloth overcoat – it works for almost every scenario and rarely goes out of style. On the warmth continuum, they’re not quite as toasty as a puffer or fur but, if layered, can do the trick nicely, especially if there is cashmere in the fabric. It’s one of the top items on our clients shopping lists. 

1. Get rid of your winter blues with a pop of color like the inspiration photo above.


2. A perfect for layering, classic overcoat to throw over any outfit. And totally perfect for layering.


3. We love the feminine feel of this double breasted overcoat. 

4. A boxy, plaid overcoat says Winter 2017/18. 

5. A camel car coat is ALWAYS in style.

“Going Out Coat”


A question that comes up time and time again with our clients is what coat to wear over that “going out outfit”. Our answer… a little fur, a little sparkle, a little tweed, just make it a lot of you.  Here are a few of our favorites. And one more thing. None of these need to be reserved for just “going out”. Mix them up with your jeans for an effortless cool girl look.

                               1. A short fur, long fur, or faux fur. Take your pick to add that little bit of dressed up feel. Oh, and a little fur like this one looks great over a dress too.

2. We love a tweed, cream colored coat. And this one with little sparkle will make you shine.


3. A long floral coat can be the hero piece to that simple black outfit.

Main Image - Smythe Floral Jacquard Peaked Lapel Coat

4. In our humble opinion, this is what winter coat dreams are made of.  A mix of tweed and leather that’s a major statement piece.

So there you have it. You asked and we answered. Winter coats that are both stylish a fit the purpose of keeping you warm and toasty. Let us know which one you’re going to chase away the winter blues with.

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Images: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 //     Header Photo: Molly Nook

Hallie’s coat is available at Haven. Outfit details : Coat // Sweater // Jeans // Boots // Hat (similar) // Scarf



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