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I realized, I’ve got total girl crushes on lots of ah-maa-zing women. Ladies I know from work, from school, from childhood, from book club, from the hair salon, from volunteering – some I’m related to, some I wish I was related to… But the common thread is this, they all have awesome experiences, fresh perspectives, cool careers, interesting hobbies and fascinating finds AND they are willing to SHARE!!! Because that’s part of what separates gals that are crush worthy and those that are just betches (and not the funny betches from insta either). It’s their willingness to share the info, making it easier for the rest of us, that has us crushing on them, right?

You know that feeling when you’ve just run into a friend, or you finally get to catch up on the phone (really though, who has time for that anymore, ugh…) and they tell you about their favorite new YOU FILL IN THE BLANK – restaurant, mascara, book, song, exercise, jeans, bikini waxer – you get the idea…  And, I bet you also know those girls that you compliment on say, their shoes, and you get the nerve up to ask where they got them and they answer “oh these, I really don’t remember”. I really DO NOT LIKE those kind of girls, they’re just yucky! Let’s NOT be like those girls, ok?

A lot of times my fave finds and current obsessions come courtesy of my girl crushes and I was thinkin’… maybe my girl crushes could become your girl crushes too! So, every few weeks I’m going to highlight one of these marvelous ladies and let them share, share, share – cause really, isn’t that what friends are for?

Just in case you thought I made up the term, girl crush – here’s the official definition.

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My inaugural Girl Crush is, ta-da… Debbie Rosen!!! I first met Debbie years ago when our kids were in pre-school together. She was always going on THE BEST vacations and sharing THE BEST tips about where to stay and what to do. So, basically, she has the perfect career – she runs and operates Wintergreen Travel, a full service, independent travel agency, where they specialize in creating memories one trip at a time ( I love that tag line !).

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Here are Debbie’s obsessions, both new and old:

  1. My fave fab find of 2015 was Mac’s color blocker and concealer. It is truly like no other. When used together, it can almost erase dark circles completely, and I would know, I’ve tried every concealer on the market known to man kind! You first use the orange color blocker to counteract the blue in the dark circles and then you cover with the concealer and voila! Dark circles be gone!!

MAC COLOR BLOCKER 2mac concealer




2. My splurge purchase of the fall was my black suede Aquatalia high boots. There are so many reasons to love these boots! They are fashionable,  comfy and water and weatherproof – like really weather proof – no need to spray or anything!! They are great to wear out and about or out dressed up on a Saturday night without worrying that they will get those awful snow and salt stains while walking from your car to the restaurant. What could be better?!? Love them! * Side note from Hallie – I’ve recommended these to many clients and they are wardrobe staples year after year AND now they’re on SALE – follow the link! Sizing is limited so you can also check out these boots AND these boots too.



3. My fave purse of all time is this cross-body Lululemon. It is just big enough without being too big, it’s the perfect length, it’s perfect for travel, it’s perfect for running around, and it’s inexpensive. Need I say more? *Side note from Hallie – I totally concur! My favorite travel and flea marketing bag EVER! And, it can be worn 3 ways – cross-body, shoulder and fanny pack style – serious love!

lulu crossbody



4. My best loved book of all time has to be The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman. It is just the best book ever, in every way.

deb rosen book



5. And , of course I have to dish about my most loved place to travel,  Costa Rica. There are so many amazing things about this gem of a country, including the beaches, culture, activity, restaurants and adventure just to name a few. My fave places to stay in Costa Rica in the rain-forest and beach are The Springs Resort and Spa (it’s so cool even the Bachelor was filmed there) and Arenas del Mar on the beach. An unforgettable vacation spot for those seeking activity with family or respite on the beach. There is truly something for everyone there!

costa rica


You can totally tell why I have a crush on this chick, right?!? Anyway, let me know what you think of this new feature – and the new pin it feature, so if you like a photo or product you can easily pin it to your Pintrest page for future reference – cool, right? What’ll they think of next?

Happy Crushing – girl, boy or otherwise – and have a great week!

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  1. Love the his new feature, Hallie. It was so much fun reading about someone’s favs! New things to try, or dream about trying!

    • Hallie Reply

      Thanks Mary! I seriously have so many crushes – can’t wait to share! And, thanks for the comment – it’s so nice to know someone’s actually reading this:-)

  2. Mary Spaniola Gold Reply

    I LOVE this! Can’t wait for the next one! Great info! 💜

  3. LOVE LOVE this idea! I loved reading Debbie’s answers! Women learning from each other in any way and championing each other rocks my world! ( yeah… Pun intended)
    I’m a proud MAXANISTA and love hearing about great finds everywhere. Fantastic Hallie!

    • Hallie Reply

      Dina, LOVE the pun and love that you took the time to comment, Thank you! I also love me a good TJ Max or Marshalls deal – they are harder to post about (even though there’s a pretty good website now) because inventory isn’t as deep or consistent – which adds to the treasure hunt feeling most maxinista’s love. Thanks for being part of the conversation! xo

  4. So great!!! Can I write a blog about my CRUSH ON YOU??? Kudos on this idea. Love that it focused on a quality woman like my friend Deb!!!


    • Hallie Reply

      Cherie, Thanks – you make me blush and give me the validation to keep going, so THANK YOU!

  5. Lauren Sonkin Reply

    Love this Halle! From a non-shopper, these tips of faves and how to find them are great! Also, love to be inspired by amazing women, so thanks!

    • Hallie Reply

      Oh Lauren, I agree, being inspired by other women and collaborating and sharing – it’s just awesome! Thanks for commenting too!!

  6. Elana Mintz Reply

    Love this…and love Debbie Rosen!! Debbie is the best travel agent, EVER. She planned a trip to Italy for me and my husband last summer. It was truly one of the most incredible experiences of my life. So for sure, I too have a girl crush on Deb!

    • Hallie Reply

      Thank you Elana!!I’m glad my crush is your crush too – we have great taste!!!

  7. Cindy. Attias Reply

    Thanks for all the great ideas. We all need that one concealer and a great pair of black books. Rah rah. And hats off to your new blog.

    • Hallie Reply

      Cindy – thanks for the rah rah – and for being my sounding board when I was flushing out ideas for this feature – you’re up soon my friend!

  8. sherry widman Reply

    Thanks for recognizing the accomplishments of my amazing daughter. Not only is she a wonderful travel agent, more important than that she is an extraordinary mom. She manages to juggle lots of balls in the air at one time and does everything well.
    I love that you are honoring and championing the things women do and am honored that you started with Deb..

    • Hallie Reply

      Thanks for reading, commenting and most importantly HAVING DEB!!! She’s the best! And, I’m betting the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree:)

  9. What a great idea! I love reading people’s tips on travel, makeup, etc. Can’t wait for the next one!!

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