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While I’m not a huge fan of the “top gifts” lists that are flooding my inboxes and social media feeds right now, I do know, I am always on the look out for cool sh*t to give the people I care about. AND, a few readers asked for my picks too. Sooooo, with out further ado…

  1. LittleBits – It’s like Legos on steroids. They’re easy to use, electronic building blocks and they make inventing things FUN for kids AND for the whole family. They have a store front in NYC and my friend, Tracie’s son is OBSESSED. I’m telling you, he’s made some really cool stuff, like a spinning fork for spaghetti, a bubblebot and a wireless doorbell – it’s a super cool gift!



2. Harry’s Shave set – When I was little, we used to always give my dad “grooming” supplies like soap-on-a-rope and fancy shave sets, but alas, they all just sat on his vanity and were rarely used. (No worries though, my dad is an excellently groomed man, even without using, our very well intended gifts). Recently, my hubby, received a Harry’s starter set, and guess what? He’s using it AND he likes it. It’s not super fancy, but it’s quality and it’s useful. And the packaging makes it feel like you’re giving/receiving something more expensive (Sets start at $15) than it is. Cross that dad gift off your list.

Harrys shave


3. Swell – You’ve probably heard about this super cool water bottle already, BUT, my question is, have you TRIED one yet???? If not, get on it  – give and/or request a Swell this season. It makes getting in those 32 recommended ounces a day easy. AND it really does keep beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours, REALLY! We have two in our household, and while one is “officially” mine,  some, un-named member of my family, has a hard time keeping their paws off of my Swell… Hmmmm, I know what to get him/her this year – Self serving, I know, but at least I know they’ll like it!



4. Make-up Eraser – While the recipient may not be over the moon when they open this, once they use it, they’ll be singing your praises for sure! It removes 100% of your makeup (even waterproof mascara) with just water! It’s machine washable AND they claim you can use it up to 1000 times, so it’s good for the environment too! Let me tell you, it works! I chose the black and ordered it via Amazon prime and could not be happier – you can thank me later!

Make up eraser


5. Patagonia Throw – This throw is so soft and so cozy, every member of my house if fighting over it, constantly. It might be more coveted than the “shotgun” seat in the car at this point. Right now, the colors are limited but it’s sooooo soft. So, while I am really more of a grey girl, I’m considering getting the tomato, maybe…

patagonia throw

6. Rachel Katz half cage ring – Now for the bigger ticket items… I am personally obsessed with this ring and have dropped quite a few hints to my hubby that, ONE DAY it would look so GOOD sitting on my finger (and I know, because I have tried it on many, many times, and it looks GREAT!) I mean who wouldn’t want this cool, yet classic bauble so many stars are sporting? Yep, stars, like many stars are fans of Rachel’s line – think J. Lo, Emma Stone, Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift, just to name a few – Click here to see a full list. Her entire line is just cool. cool. cool. And, a lot of stuff comes in at a lower price point, but still makes a big impact (like my other favorite, the Marti necklace) Basically you can’t go wrong getting a gift from here. It’s the epitome of cool sh*t!


Rachel Katz ring


7. Icon Q Bluetooth headphones – Guys +Headphones +Bluetooth +Wireless +Technology+$99 = Cool Sh*t.  ‘Nuf said.


eastdane headphones


Hope this helps releive all of that gift giving angst and that the “gift getters” like their cool new sh*t!


Happy Holiday Shopping!


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