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I sort of have a love/hate thing with GAP – some seasons, some collections, they totally hit it out of the park. And, some seasons, I can’t find a single thing I’d want to put in my cart, let alone on my body. As I am typing this I am wearing my very first pair of “boyfriend” jeans from Gap circa 2013 – they were a big departure from the skinny jeans that had prominent placement and rotation in my wardrobe then. I didn’t wear them a ton that first year (but I could justify it because they were $40 not $140 like the designer denim), but those jeans have now become a tried and true favorite, and cost me pennies on a cost/wear basis. The GAP price point is always friendly, so when the styling and quality align, it’s a winner all around –  IMHO, things at GAP are looking up for Spring 2016.

The current collection had me not only stop and say “ohhhh”, but hit that add to bag button as well! Way to go GAP people!

Here’s what’s in my shopping cart:

  1. Denim with enough interest to make ’em interesting but not too much to make ’em wacky and hard to wear. The fit is a “girlfriend” style – not as baggy as a boyfriend, but with more ease and slouch than a straight or skinny.


2. I think these will be my new airplane/travel pants. They’ve got a cool edge and will look equally good with booties, pumps or sneaks.


3. An easy way to do the whole jumpsuit thing – cotton, comfy and affordable. The clogs in the photo are cool too – don’t love them with the jumpsuit, but with the embellished jeans (above) and leather jacket (below) they’d be awesome!


4. A leather jean jacket, um, yes please! AND it’s navy, so it has an extra dash of cool for not just being black, but, can be worn in all the same ways. I’m going to wear mine with the embroidered jeans above!


5. What a cute dress AND it had pockets too – that’s always a plus for me! Reviews said it runs small so size up for max wear-ability!


6. It’s like my go-to breton stripe shirt, but in a tank! AND, the longer body, higher neck and shoulder baring cut make me think it will be on serious rotation this summer!


Ok, so I am stopping at 6 but know, there are like 5 more things I really wanted to put in my cart (maybe that’s a reason for another post?? What do you all think??) Looking this over,  it’s a pretty good start to a summer capsule wardrobe – it all mixes and matches, updates the basics but isn’t SO trendy that it’ll be “out” by next season. Man, I love when that happens!

Have you shopped at GAP recently? If not, why? If so, what have you loved? I sincerely WANT TO KNOW!

Happy GAP shopping. And, really, post a comment – I’m wanting a convo, for realz!

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  1. Thanks for all the great info Hallie! I too had purchased those jeans a few weeks ago, I loved them online since our store doesn’t carry them and they fit perfect, I think much better than the slouchy boyfriend look. I think your blog is great, I look forward to reading them!

    • Hallie Reply

      Thanks for commenting Elaine and for the love! Yep, those jeans are not an on line exclusive (so if someone lives in a bigger market they may have them in store) but in CLE they’re not available. I am glad you like them too! I think they fit great and run true to size. Maybe we’ll twin one day:)

  2. Hallie– I love it when you post! Please do a second post. I love the striped tank and will definitely think about that. I’ve been trying to buy less (I read the saddest article about where all the purged clothing goes) but that could be a winner. Enjoy the last gasp of winter! Beth

    • Hallie Reply

      Thanks Beth!!! FYI the tank runs a little big so DO NOT size up:) Thanks for reading AND commenting – Post # 2 is in the works:)

  3. Gloria Abrams Reply

    Haven’t been to Gap in awhile. Will give it a go. Glor

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