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1 As I was knee deep in clothes, sorting thru a new (super fun and cool) clients closet, she was telling me how she really started liking Chris Martin (and Cold Play) after seeing him do Carpool Karaoke. So, OF COURSE, that night I stayed up waaaaay too late watching all the episodes of this hysterical and endearing segment from the Late, Late Show with James Corden. Basically, James Corden gets these uber famous musical guests – think Adel, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Justin Beiber – to ride around in a car with him and sing, chat and be real. It’s seriously awesome, addictive and made me like them as people as well as artists.


chris martin carpool


2. I usually think of Kate Spade as a store for accessories – bags, fun enameled jewelry and such – but this week, I had a client that has a feminine and fun aesthetic. But, she doesn’t want to come across as too whimsical – well, guess what? Kate Spade clothing was the perfect match! Great skirts, dresses, tops, even shoes – with fun details so they’re not boring BUT with sophisticated lines so the pieces still look appropriate. This dress is a stunner in person and the neck on the t shirt is super flattering – it goes up at the back of the neck – sounds weird, I know, but trust me!


kate spade dresskate spade top 2kate spade t shirt



3. I needed a quick eye brow wax but my regular person was moving so, long story short, I ended up at Ladies and Gentleman at Legacy Village. Jen there took great care of me, made my brows completely “on fleek” and at the end, when I went to pay and tip I was told. “no thank you” – we are a no tipping salon – wait, what?!? And, I’ve been obsessed with the concept of this all week – no uncomfortable moment trying to do math in my head, hoping I don’t under tip, I’m kinda into it! They requested that if I was happy then I could refer a friend – so here I am referring. And, the cherry on top is the place smells FANTASTIC – all Aveda products, delish!





4. Can’t help it, I’m thinkin spring – and I’m loving this cashmere -t. It’s gonna be on constant repeat in my wardrobe once the weather warms up. More umph than a cotton t but less bulky than a  traditional sweater – I’m in love ♥!



Jcrew cashmere t

5. This dress can be worn so many ways (now with tights, summer with chunky sandals and fall with booties) and the fact that it’s a pattern, but not an overwhelming or too flowery one, just adds to the obsession. The sister-in laws Beard got this one spot on!


SB veronica beard

What are your obsessions this week?? Share! Remember, that’s what friends are for:)

Happy obsessing and carpool karaoke-ing! You have to let me know if you’re as taken with that whole shtick as I am!

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