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Cake or Frosting? What’s that have to do with Fashion?

When I meet with wardrobe clients, they’re often looking for a fashion fix. Because their outfits are not totally hitting the mark. Step 1 of the personal wardrobing process is an analysis of what they have in their closet and what style they gravitate towards. I’ll often use the analogy that when getting dressed and shopping for clothes, people usually fall into one of two camps –  you’re either a frosting person or a cake person.

Just knowing what camp you fall in to is the first step of the fashion fix. Frosting people tend towards items with lots of interest (this can be great, but if you have too many things with details and not enough basics to balance out those hero pieces, your wardrobe can become too overdone and sugary). On the flip side, cake people are really into basics, they shy away from too much going on and their wardrobes can feel kind of boring.

So, WHAT are you?? A cake person or a frosting person?

Frosting people like to have “stuff” going on with their individual pieces of clothing. It’s almost as if an item needs to have some wow factor or it’s not worthy to come home from the store. A print, a pattern, a cut out, ruffle, fringe – if you’re a frosting person you’re nodding now and smiling because you know it’s true!! And the cake folks are like what? I don’t get this at all…

Cake people, however, like practical basics. Nothing too showy or flashy. Barely an accessory in sight. Think, black, grey, navy. No details or lace or “hangy things” (yes, this is an actual term a client used!!) For the cake crowd, an item needs to be useful in order to come home from the store.

What’s the fashion fix?

The beauty of this style dilemma is that the fashion fix is rather easy…whatever camp you fall in, you just need to add a little from the other and you’re all balanced out. If you lean more cake add a bit of somethin’ somethin’. And if you’re all glitz and glam, tone it down with some “boring” basics. It’s the yin and yang of fashion, you need both for an outfit to really work.

NOTE – you really should be looking in the section that doesn’t innately appeal to you, because that’s what your wardrobe actually needs. Just sayin’.

Frosting People

Cake People

And just like with real cake, the cake to frosting ratio is incredibly important. Too much cake is blahhh and too much frosting is cavity city.

Drop a comment below and lmk if you’re a cake or frosting type. And if this fashion fix gave you an ah-ha moment.

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  1. Hi Hallie– Great post– really helpful. You absolutely nailed by problem. I am all cake and no frosting. Total ah ha moment. Hope you’re staying warm.

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