Fashion Stylist Approved Tricks for Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale starts NOW

You’re going to see a lot of content from me (and probably other bloggers as well) about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale over the next couple of weeks.

Why? What’s the Big Deal?

Because this sale, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, is not like all other sales. Typically sales happen when retailers hit the end of a season and are trying to make space for the new season of merchandise. Basically, a sale means it’s leftovers.

But the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is different. With this sale, fall merchandise (for the upcoming season) is being sold BEFORE the season begins, and at an extreme discount.

What to Keep in Mind when Navigating the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Consider this the starter post, sharing the basics of the 2020 sale. The dates to keep in mind and the best strategy to use, so you can get the products you want and need. 

Please, don’t waste your precious time or money on a bad buy. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it 1000 times. It is not a good deal just because you get it on sale. If it hangs in your closet with the tags on, it was a waste of money! Period. The end.

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale coming soon! Cardmember early access: August 4-18. The higher your Nordy Club status, the earlier you start shopping! Icons: August 4, Ambassadors: August 7, Influencers: August 10, Insiders: August 13

The Card’s The Key

  • Make sure you have a Nordstrom Card. Cardholders get early access, meaning they get first dibs at the good stuff. Sign up for a Nordstrom Card HERE
  • If you’re already a Nordy club member (cardholder) you will get sale access depending on the amount you spend annually at Nordstrom. The first access (Icons) is given to folks spending $15k a year at Nordstrom – so needless to say, that’s a very limited number of people.
  • Know the date you have access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Ambassadors spend $5k annually, Influencers $2k, and Insiders $500.

My Stylist Approved Tips and Tricks

  1. Even if you don’t have access YOU CAN SHOP RIGHT NOW – well, it’s more like look, but it’s better looking than in the past years. On line, you can preview everything that’s part of the sale.
  2. Use my picks below and in the next few weeks, to help narrow it all down – otherwise, it can be super overwhelming. Trust me, I’ve spent HOURS sifting thru it all.
  3. USE THE WISHLIST FEATURE – this is KEY and new for the 2020 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.
  4. How to use the wishlist… First, Make sure you’re signed in to your Nordstrom account. Then, when you see an item you like, pick out the size and color you desire. And then, save it to your wishlist.
  5. Then you’re locked and loaded. When your access opens, all of your items, size, color, etc. are ready to go!
  6. Don’t fret about selling out. I’m not telling you to wait forever. But two things to keep in mind… Nordstrom reserves merchandise for different key days AND people buy a lot and then return. So something that might be showing as sold out can get restocked and be available a few days later.
  7. Stick to Basics – The Nordstrom Sale is not a time to experiment. In fact, the offerings are generally rather basic, but in a good way.
  8. Replace the things you LOVE – I use this sale as a time to replace the items I’ve worn so much they’ve literally worn out. Sneakers, boots, P.J’s, t-shirts, bras, camisoles – the things I wear to death that I know will get used. And that I know I’m getting for a great price.
  9. Use the Filters – Don’t go page by page thru the sale, that’ll take forever! Use the filters and narrow your search down by items you need (denim, sneakers etc) and/or by brand. If you know AG jeans fit you well then start by seeing what is available by that brand.

My Tried and True Favorites

I’m sharing some of my tried and true favorites from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. In the coming days and weeks, I’ll be posting more picks. You all had asked (on Instagram) for some specific categories – loungewear, sweaters, denim, shoes, and A LOT OF COMFY CLOTHES REQUESTS TOO! I feel you on that, my comfy clothes were on heavy rotation this year and they need some replacing.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale IG readers requests

The Softest Lounge Cardi EVER!!

This is one of those pieces that has a cult following, and for a good reason. Putting this cardigan on after a long day feels like a hug. There are a few different styles like this longer version and this one to wear on errands and even this blanket, but all made in the same delicious fabric.

The Scent I’m Asked About All. The. Time

If you’ve been a reader here for a while, you’re probably aware of my obsession with Santal 33 by Le Labo fragrances. The quick back story is that years ago, I was talking to one of my daughter’s dance teachers and he smelled so good! I was hesitant to say something because I didn’t want to be that creepy mom, but he smelled so good, I had to ask. When I finally did, his response was “I know, right!!” Now when people tell me I smell good, my answer is, you guessed it, “I know, right!” And then I tell them about Le Labo.


My Wear Everywhere Sneaker

I snagged these sneakers at last year’s Anniversary Sale. They’re so comfortable (both with and without socks), lightweight, and honestly go with everything. Shorts, dresses, joggers, leggings. I’m tempted to get another pair this year.


That is actually the name of this bra, I wasn’t just being witty! It is the most comfortable bra I own. If I’m actually wearing a bra (like I’m going out of the house) it will be this. The smooth cups look good under t-shirts or silk and the flat straps help hide back bulge – hooray! I’ve been a devoted fan for years and the Anniversary Sale is my annual time to stock up.

Cozy meet Chic

They call this a ruana, it’s kind of like a cashmere kimono. And IMHO, it’s the perfect intersection of cozy + chic. There’s an effortless elegance that comes with this type of topper. When it’s made in cashmere it’s so, so good. At last year’s sale, I bought one in blue and I’ve worn it to death. Even around the house and on zoom calls. This year I wishlisted both grey and black.

Slim Boyfriend Jeans

The key to these being great is that they’re a slim boyfriend. So the shape is modern and slouchy but not dumpy. The other key is the wash – it’s like the perfect in-between that works all year round. And no holes either!!

PJ’s All Day

I don’t know about you, but I wore my pj’s all day way too often during quarantine. So now is the time I stock up and replace them. These pj’s are uber soft but thick enough that I don’t feel naked when I go down to get my coffee in the morning. I tend to prefer the solid colors but it comes in a few prints as well.

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