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Hallie’s Hot List – June Edition

It’s summa, summa, summa time! Yahoo, right?!? And raise your hand if you got that Fresh Prince reference. I linked the music video for either nostalgia or education, depending on that hand raise, LOL!  The Hallie’s Hot List, June edition is focusing on the things I’m loving now that the weather has turned warm. It’s full of fun in the sun goodies that are vetted by me, tried and true.

Think, sunscreen, bathing suit coverups, sun hats, sundresses… You know, the things we all need and use this time of year but that can be hard to know what really works or not until you try.

What’s on the Hot List for June?

Unseen SunscreenSupergoop! Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 | bluemercury Hallie's Hot List

This is the only CLEAN sunscreen my family actually likes, and therefore uses. A super important thing because my hubby has had multiple Mohs surgeries for basal cell carcinomas – daily SPF and regular skin checks are the best methods to keep it in control.

The entire Supergoop line is fabulous. I try to look for it when retailers are offering buy more save more savings…RIGHT NOW BLUE MERCURY HAS UPTO 20% OFF  (but it ends Tuesday, June 30 at midnight). As a side note, I bought, for 20% off, the Orbie shampoo, styling creme, which work great with my Dyson Air Wrap, and the Le Mer eye balm intense, because they are total indulgences that work exceptionally well yet NEVER go on sale.

The Unseen Sunscreen is great for the face, it’s totally invisible, weightless, scentless, makeup-gripping and offers daily SPF 40 protection. My husband likes it too because it doesn’t leave him with a white glow that so many zinc-based sunscreens do. The Glow Oil SPF 50 is my favorite for body protection. Probably because I’m used to the days of baby oil and a reflective mat to properly bake. This oil has a nice consistency but offers clean sun protection at a high level. The guys in my family prefer the Play Lotion SPF 50, it’s more like a traditional cream.

Billie RazorBillie Razor - Hallie's Hot List

Quite possibly the best $9 I’ve ever spent! So I had to include it in this month’s Hallie’s Hot List! I don’t know about you, but I’m notorious for being in the shower and promising myself I’ll remember to buy new razor blades next time I’m at the drugstore (or online) and then I forget. Until I get in the shower to shave the next time and the blades are dull. Ughhhh! Billie Razors’ subscription plan has solved this first world problem for me!

And best of all, the razor works soooo well. It’s the closest shave I’ve ever gotten. Like my leg stubble doesn’t grow back now for 3-4 days. No rash, no razor burn, and clean products mailed to me, so I never run out. AND there’s a handy wall magnet that holds the razor in the shower, that actually works and doesn’t fall down. All that for $9 (a lot less than typical razors)! I feel like a late-night, TV infomercial, lol!

Use this link to sign up and totally try the Billie, it lives up to the hype!

Swim Coverup

Hallie's Hot List The Best Beach Coverup

I have a few coverups by the brand Pool to Party, they’re the ones I always reach for. They’re easy to get on and off, and fairly lightweight. So much so, that I don’t feel the need to take my coverup off unless I’m actually going in the pool or ocean. And there are a few ways to tie them so they’re just right for every BODY.

The great news is that usually, I find these coverups at stores like Nordstrom or Everything but Water. And I highlighted them in my what to pack for spring break post with some of my favorite swimsuits. However, right now, The Rack has a huge assortment of Pool to Party coverups, at a really good price! I just added the black one with pom poms to my collection!!

Sun Hat

Hallie's hot list - sun hats

A perfect Hot List item for June is a sun hat. We all have them, and most of us hate them and don’t want to wear them because they’re hot and uncomfortable and somewhat unflattering. The sun hats I reach for the most are by Scala. I love that they have an interior drawstring so I can make it tighter if needed and it doesn’t fly off my head in the wind. I also really like my one that’s cotton canvas because it can be washed (head sweat, sand, and bedbugs from travel – yes, it happened, don’t ask). And if I actually decide to swim in it, this hat won’t get ruined like my fancier straw hats.

Bonus, it comes in a gazillion colors, so whatever color scheme you’re into, they have a hat to match. BTW, the straw hat in the photo above (with the striped top and white pants) is packable and has an interior stretch band so it stays on. But I don’t tend to go into the ocean with it on for fear of ruining it.

The Perfect White Button-Up

This is by far my favorite top of the summer. It feels very current (oversized button-up, borrowed from the boy’s shirts are totally on point right now). It’s so comfortable, and flattering, and easy to wear. A white button-up is like on every “what you need in your wardrobe” list ever created. But the type of white button-up has evolved.

This particular one is perfect for a few reasons. The top buttons START at the bust so it drapes really well. It’s oversized but made for a woman so the shoulders fit nicely. AND it notches up on the side, and is a bit longer in back (hello bum coverage) so it creates an illusion of loooong legs – gotta love that! Pretty much it’s just perfect.

Style Tip: It looks fantastic when paired with shorts, especially denim cut off shorts if that’s your thing. It’s the yin and yang of shorts and a long sleeve. oversized top that makes it work so well. Do a half-tuck or tie it at the waist if it feels too baggy.

Phone Soap

phone soap

I originally posted this before my phone soap arrived and that was a BIG mistake. This link was to a copy and when it arrived it was flimsy and kind of crappy. I reached out to the REAL phone soap folks and they were kind enough to offer 10% off for my readers with this link.


I don’t honestly know if this is a fun in the sun Hallie’s Hot List item. But I do know it’s a 2020, Covid-19 necessity. My friend Lisa is the one that I trust to vet all new techy things. She the first one I know to have the newest model of the phone, airpod, computer… you name it, she’s researched it and tried it before most of us even realize there’s a new thing happening.

I was telling her how worried I was that wiping down my phone and all of my electronics was going to ruin them and also how we are putting so many chemicals on our things now, it’s going to have negative ramifications in the long run. Lisa says she swears by this phone soap. It uses UV to disinfect and sanitize items that’s can’t be washed – electronics, masks, glasses, lipstick, keys. The reviews are excellent and I figure for $39, it’s worth a try. My phone soap is scheduled to arrive on July 2!

Let me know if you’re liking the renewed Hot List feature. Thanks, gang! xx


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