Fold your sweaters.

Fold your sweaters because it’ll save your sweaters! I don’t mean “save” as in hoard them, and don’t ever give them up. (Even though I did just talk about shopping your closet.) I mean save your sweaters by taking good care of them.  Wanna know how to give them the best life they can possibly have? Easy, FOLD YOUR SWEATERS! How do you know when to fold them, and when it’s OK to hang them. And why the heck are we talking about this in the middle of summer? Because, even summer weight sweaters can get ruined by being hung.

So check out our sweater folding tips and tricks to give all of your sweaters the best life possible.

When to Fold and When to Hang

Why fold your sweaters? The integrity of the sweater is compromised by good old fashioned gravity. If they’re hung they stretch out, become misshapen, and the shoulders get ruined. (aka shoulder boobs) Bottom line, it’s always best to fold your sweaters. If you don’t have enough shelf space to store them folded, fold them, AND THEN hang them over a hanger. I‘ll show you how below. But, if you really, really don’t have the space for folding a sweater over a hanger, because it can be bulky, putting them on the shelf is the best bet.

2 rules to decide when to fold your sweaters.

Rule #1. Lighter sweaters, like summer weight cashmere and light cotton blends can usually be hung by the shoulders without too much stretching. You’ll be pretty safe.

Rule #2.  Heavy sweaters like wool,  winter weight cashmere, and even linen stretch. Give all of these a fold and store them on a shelf, or fold them over a hanger to save your sweaters.

How to fold your sweaters.

  1. First start by buttoning the buttons, if it’s a cardigan.

2.  Then, flip the sweater over and smooth out to get rid of the wrinkles. 

3.  Next, fold one sleeve across.

4. Then fold the other sleeve across.

5. Now fold over the left side to the middle.

6. And then fold over the right side to the middle.

7. Finally, flip bottom up towards the top, now the sweater is folded in half. If the sweater is longer, fold it up in thirds.

8. Now,  It’s ready to put on the shelf.

9. If you need to hang your sweaters, slide the hanger up onto the middle of the sweater.


10.  Lastly, flip it over, and hang that bad boy up. 


Sweaters to Fold.




Sweaters that are OK to Hang.


Above all, make sure to fold your sweaters to help extend their life. And if I’ve totally motivated you, enjoy your week, folding and folding over all those sweaters. If you have any questions about it…just ask. I’m here for ya’.

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