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Melinda Maria Jewelry

About 18 months ago, one of my super stylish sisters-in-law showed up to a Sunday night family dinner sporting the most fabulous Melinda Maria necklace! It was a collection of charms. But styled in a cool, modern, fun way, Rather than those charm necklaces grandmas used to wear.

I must have complimented her 500 times that night alone. Her charm necklace encompassed all the elements that make a piece super wearable and therefore a wardrobe workhouse.

  1. Just the right amount of shine.  Like there were some stones but it wasn’t so glitzy you could only wear it at night –  100% grocery store and carpool appropriate.
  2. It was the perfect balance between delicate and statement. For instance, the gaggle of charms had an impact but on the other hand, was delicate enough to be layered.
  3. You could not tell the price by looking at it – personally I love clothes, jewelry and stores that are so well designed you can’t tell if something is going to have one, two, three, or four zeros in the price. (ie. $10, $100, $1000, $10,000)

So, this year for my BIG 50, my lovely S.I.L (sis in law) remembered those 500 compliments. Now I’m sporting my own Melinda Maria charm necklace. Happily wearing it on repeat and getting my fair share of compliments too.

Why Melinda Maria is So Good

Melinda Maria jewelry is an Oprah favorite and similarly has a dedicated celebrity following. It’s also nickel-free and hypoallergenic and offers a lifetime guarantee. I’d say almost everything on the site is under $150.

The looks are buildable. Customizable to fit your personal aesthetic. The various collections are meant to be mixed and matched offering as much or as little oomph as you’d like.

How to Pick a Necklace That’s Right For You

The first step is understanding HOW TO LAYER NECKLACES. My easy how-to guide can take out some of the mystery.

The next step is to know your necklace lengths. This handy graphic is a cheat sheet I use all the time.

Then, It’s time to Shop, But Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Options are good. But sometimes, when there are too many options, it can become overwhelming. There are so many varieties and combinations available at Melinda Maria, it’s like a candy store for some, and a torture chamber of endless options for others.

Melinda Maria offers some pre-coordinated layered sets, as well as earrings, bracelets, rings, and some super rad ear cuffs.

I’m also available to set up a zoom consult and we can pick something out together that works for you.

The Anatomy Of a Charm Necklace

My charm necklace is a combo of their icon charms and some spacers. It also helps to pick a dominant color theme, so it looks cohesive and not a hodgepodge

I have 6 charms and 5 spacers on a 20″ necklace.

The two largest charms are in the middle, with the smallest next to them and the medium size charms on the ends.


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