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White Boots, Yes Really

If I had to pick a favorite purchase this season, it’s my white boots. They make me happy, and I feel springy, and hip, but not too hip to feel foolish. I’ve been wearing them A LOT. Like every day for the past 2 weeks. Partly because I am sick and tired of my winter clothes, shoes, etc and partly because even though it’s spring, the weather is still unpredictable. And like many people, my shoe selection seems to go directly from boots to sandals and this in-between weather can sometimes leave me shaking my head. In case you can’t tell, I’ve fallen hard for white these days. Last week was all about white jeans and this week it’s white boots.

The Transitional Shoe Dilemma

My white boots seem to be the PERFECT solution to that age-old transitional shoe dilemma. It’s too warm for boot, boots and even though the calendar says April, May, or dare I say June, the actual weather has not gotten the memo. It’s cold, or rainy and just not true sandal weather yet.

When it’s rainy no one wants to wear open-toe shoes and be all sloshing around the rest of the day. But wearing a dark pair of boots or even booties seems too heavy for spring. I know, it’s definitely a first-world problem, but a problem none the less.

White boots, or really white booties, because they are not going past the ankle, They. Are. The. Answer! They’ve been on the scene for about 18 months, in fact, I posted about them on IG this time last year and even toyed with buying a pair I found at TJ Maxx, but the heel was too high for me to wear on a daily basis. I schlep all day long with bags and rolling racks, I ain’t got no time for super high heels. So I kept searching… And now that I’ve pulled the trigger I don’t know how I lived without them.

But, HOW Do you Wear Them?

White boots don’t seem as out there and daring as they did a year and a half ago, maybe that’s because we’ve all been seeing street style and social media photos of people looking spectacular in white boots. But even with all that inspiration, there still is this disconnect of HOW TO ACTUALLY WEAR THEM.

Literally, every time I wear my white boots, even with the uber-fashionable gals, someone says “oh, I’ve been eyeing white boots but don’t know how to wear them” or “I have a pair sitting in my closet but I am not sure what to put them with”

Guys, consider the gauntlet thrown. Challenge accepted. Because adding a pair to your wardrobe is the easiest spring update you can make, I promise. There are a few simple rules to keep in mind, and after that, it’ll be easy to make a go of your white booties.

4 Easy Rules for Wearing White Boots

Rule #1

Opt for a flat sole

When picking a white boot or bootie, one rule holds true, DO NOT WEAR A PLATFORM. A platform makes them look like a go-go boots costume not like the chic white booties they are. Heels are fine, block, stiletto, architectural but the toe box should stay flat for sure.

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Rule #2

Pair it with lighter denim or denim with white undertones

Warmer weather means lighter and brighter colors and fabrics. The transition from light denim to a dark bootie is harsh. A white bootie keeps the spring/summer feel and just makes you go ahhhhh. Dark denim with white undertones or a frayed hem works well too as it marries the dark and light colors.

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Rule #3

Make it look intentional – Cut, crop or roll your jeans up to show your booties off

This is the go big or go home move. If you’re going to be bold and wear a white bootie DO NOT hide them under a bootcut jean and just let the toe poke out. These babies are the hero of the outfit, show them off! Make sure your pant or jean hits at the ankle so your white booties can shine in all their glory.

Rule #4

Pay attention to the vamp and where it hits on your leg

The goal is to visually make your ankles look slim. So, we don’t want it to look like you have cankles if you don’t. And if you do, it can be disguised with strategic bootie placement… Make sure if the bootie hits above your ankle bone, it is tight in the shaft, so it slims the ankles. And also make sure the vamp shows toe/ankle definition. One pair of Vince booties did that on me and made my ankles look thick. Needless to say they went back. I’ll post a video of the difference in vamp on my InstaStories.

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So are you team white booties?  Or team passing on this trend? IMHO I don’t think it’s too late to jump on the bandwagon – it’s gonna be around for another 3-5 years.







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