Every year Shopbop has this big spring sale. I’ve been writing about it year after year but somehow it never gets old. Probably because it’s timed perfectly for when we’ve all had ENOUGH of the winter stuff. And we are all anxiously ready and waiting for SPRING to arrive.

Shopbop is one of my go-to sites for current to trendy pieces offered at various price points. And with this SALE it makes the purchase potential even more appealing.

The Shopbop Spring Sale is a buy more / save more structure

Up to 25% off full-price styles with code SPRING
15% off orders of $200+
20% off orders of $500+
25% off orders of $800+

And BONUS,  all spring merchandise is included – so you can shop for the season ahead and SAVE!

But What’s “IN” for Spring?

Sometimes looking at a sale ahead of the season (think Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale) can be overwhelming. First, there’s so much to choose from. And then you’re not really ready to wear it yet. And lastly, a new season means new fashion trends, so it can just be a lot.

Let Me Help

Let this be a quick, down and dirty spring trend guide AND a pick of my favorites from the Shopbop Spring Sale.  But also, please note, I can’t guarantee pieces will be available. VIP early access began Monday.

And, just so you know,  those that SUBSCRIBE to my blog get first dibs on my picks for any sale or post because they receive the blog directly to their inbox EVERY TUESDAY MORNING AT 9 AM. If you wait to access it via Facebook or Instagram, there’s a greater chance things have sold out. Truly, I’m just thankful you want to read, but I also feel bad when you can’t get the item/size/color you want. If you want to subscribe you can sign up here.

My Quick Spring 2020 Trend List

Here’s what I’m seeing happening trend-wise and what I’m suggesting clients add to their wardrobes. That being said,  I am not telling every client they need to add every category here. This is a general forecast list. You have to get what works for your body, budget, taste, and lifestyle.

  1. SUITS – matching suits and sets, three-piece suits and short suits – basically suits are back bigtime
  2. SHERBERT COLORS – tangerine, lilac, mint green, berry
  3. SQUARE TOE SHOES – No, pointy toes are not out, but you’ll be seeing more square happening
  4. TIERS – especially tiered dresses and skirts – think volume
  5. NEON – like a pack of highlighters, yup, the brighter the better
  6. PUFFED SHOULDERS – not just statement sleeves but particularly puffed, exaggerated shoulders
  7. POLKA DOTS – this speaks for itself – it’s the pattern of the season
  8. LEATHER AND SUEDE – Leather in color and suede are totally not reserved for the colder months

I’ll go more in-depth on each of these trends in the coming weeks but at least this way you have a cheat sheet for the sale

What to Get at the Shopbop Spring Sale

Just saying it again, if things are sold out I am sorry. Every item I posted was available in multiple sizes as of 10 pm Monday night.

Be sure to let me know what you found at the Shopbop Spring Sale!

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