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I’ve been to Nordstrom over the past few months with clients.  Each time I’ve happened upon a couple pairs of jeans that are WINNERS. Imagine my delight when I found that some of them (or versions of them) are a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! This post is dedicated to my favorite jeans of the sale! These are totally awesome pairs that everyone should add to their carts. The jeans will be linked so all you have to do is click “add to cart” and make shopping for jeans super easy! I’m including a bunch of different styles too so you can find the perfect jeans for you!

AG Prima Ankle Skinny Jeans

These AG Prima ankle jeans are literally one of the best pairs of jeans ever. I have seen them on so many different people and I swear they look good on everyone. This jean is slimming, the perfect length, and all-around flattering.  And, they’re a MODERN SKINNY. Meaning if you’re struggling to give up your beloved skinny jeans because the straighter styles are “in”, this is the jean for you!

I happened upon these jeans in Nordstrom a few weeks ago, and now I am obsessed. I have recommended these jeans to literally anyone who will listen to me because I love them so much. This skinny version is a little different than the one I’ve seen. This is the version on sale and the fit will be similar. One of the many reasons I love these AG jeans is that the fabric is soft without being too soft. So you have a little stretch without the tush getting saggy. These are a steal during the sale, so add this pair of jeans to your bag immediately before they sell out!

Paige Cindy Ripped Straight Leg Jeans

This pair of Paige jeans is another favorite of mine. The non-ripped version of these awesome jeans is not a part of the sale, but these are the exact same pair. The only difference is the tiny rip in the knee. These jeans are high waisted without being uncomfortably high and have a great straight leg bottom. I love the wash on these jeans because it gives them a vintage feel and is appropriate for anything. This is another pair of jeans that work like magic on everyone. The high waist is flattering on your butt and helps to hide your tummy without going over your belly button. The straight leg is very slimming and is perfect to wear with tons of different pairs of shoes. This is a jean you can wear over and over again with so many different outfits and look fab every. single. time. This Paige Cindy jean is on my Nordstrom wishlist, and I highly recommend adding it to yours too!

Paige Cindy Exposed Button Fly Jeans

I know- another pair of the Paige Cindy jeans- but they really are that good. These exposed button fly jeans are a fun new twist on the original Paige Cindy pair, because of the style and color. These are an awesome grey wash with exposed buttons which is really flattering. I think these are this year’s version of the Madewell Callie jeans we all loved so much and are now getting rid of. Not only are these a great color jean to have, but they are also a really nice shape. They’re high waisted and the buttons in the front are elongating, I mean who doesn’t want that! They are also more straight leg than skinny- perfect to wear with boots in the fall and winter. I recommend adding these to your closet ASAP because I think they’re gonna sell out fast.

Mother Jeans

This is the first year that the brand Mother has jeans that are a part of the Nordstrom sale... so now is the time to stock up! There are a bunch of really great pairs included in the sale- from skinnies to flare! This brand has solid jeans that are comfortable, flattering, and super wearable. Mother jeans are a great deal right now, so run to get some before the sale is over! This is another jean that is just the right amount of comfortable. You will feel good without getting that horrible sag. There are tons of different options when it comes to this brand, but these are the ones that caught my eye. My Mother jeans may just be my very favorite jeans!

Frame Jeans

I don’t have one pair of Frame jeans to recommend that I am obsessed with. But, if you’re a Frame devotee there are tons of great pairs on sale. There’s also some Frame shorts that are a part of the sale if thats more your vibe. Some of the Frame jeans are fab because they aren’t low waisted and they aren’t high waisted. They’re that perfect middle ground. These are the pairs that spoke to me while scrolling through the sale.

Wit & Wisdom Jeans

There are tons of Wit & Wisdom jeans on sale this year, so if you’re a devoted fan of the brand this is a huge win! These jeans are a great deal- like buy them now so you don’t regret it later.  This is another brand that has that perfect mid-rise waist that’ll hit you in all the right places. I picked out a couple pairs that look great!

Good American Jeans

My final honorable mention for jeans is Good American. There are so many Good American jeans that are included in the sale this year! This is a popular jean so the price will go back up after the sale, so act now! There are SO many pairs on sale! If you’re looking for anything from a perfect skinny to a fashionable bootcut you’re in luck. Adding some of these to my wishlist.

favorite jeans nordstrom sale

If you don’t have that perfect pair of your favorite jeans, now is the time to find them! What is your favorite brand of jeans?

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