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Thanksgiving is this week, and my inbox is getting flooded with holiday gift guides. Is yours? Do you even find them beneficial? I feel like they all kind of look the same these days… Let me know. I’m happy to do one if it’s helpful to you all. Even as a “professional shopper”  finding the right gift for the right person, can be kind of a struggle. And this year, it’s slightly more challenging. Just like 2020, gift-giving this year is going to look a little different.

The lens I’m using for gift giving is that it’s not a race to accumulate more, but instead, to find a way to let the people you love, remember they are loved. Yea, I know that’s how it always should be, however, sometimes we all need a reminder. Myself included.

The Two Gifts I’m Craving

Obviously, the most important gifts are not material – health and happiness. This year those are of utmost importance. But, if we’re talking gifts on a material level, and there is something nice about giving AND receiving gifts. Then there are two specific gifts that I’m craving right now. Many of my personal shopping/wardrobe clients are too. Best of all, these two gifts work perfectly together and will be used often in 2020 and beyond!

Casual Jewelry – The Kind You Wear 24/7

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good diamond (sapphire or emerald for that matter too). However, there’s a difference between special occasion jewelry and everyday jewelry. Everyday jewelry is the kind of thing you can wear with your lounge set, or your sweats and jeans, and it helps the outfit feel finished, without being overdone.

Additionally, special occasion jewelry can feel too fancy for casual clothes (it’s like eating Froot Loops and Filet Mignon at the same meal). Everyday jewelry, however,  is laid back enough to wear with sweats or a dress and gives that attention to detail touch so many casual outfits are missing.

Rellery – Precious Metals, Ethically Made

Shacket, T-shirt(on SALE)

When Rellery first reached out, I wasn’t familiar with the brand at all. But fun jewelry is always my jam, so I took a look. A few cool differentiators stood out with Rellery.

  1. High-quality metals. Rellery only uses precious metals Sterling Silver, 14K Solid Gold, or a thick 18K Gold plated over Sterling Silver. NO NICKEL! As a matter of fact, none of that cheap brass, steel, zinc, or nickel.
  2. Anti-tarnish guarantee –  Actually, a lifetime Tarnish Guarantee: send it back and Rellery will fix it on up or send you a new one.
  3. Dainty but mighty chains – Their chains are designed with much tighter links that can withstand up to 6 pounds of force. So though they’re lightweight, they’re stronger than traditional chains of the same thickness.
  4. Custom made to order –  most pieces are made-to-order (assembled, engraved, polished, plated, and packed in-house), but a quick turn around –  typically take 3-6 business days for creation before it’s shipped. This also minimizes waste and adds to their ethical approach.
  5. Ethically sourced – Rellery uses local materials and resources from their HQ in Rhode Island for the entire jewelry-making process (sheets of metal, wire, casting grain, and chains).

And while that’s all good and important, Rellery pieces are also really pretty and easy to wear. They come packaged beautifully too.  When I opened my picks (Rellery was kind enough to gift me these pieces), Maggie kept asking which one she could have!! So, if you’re looking for a gift for your teen, or your mom, or yourself – look here. Rellery has a multi-generational appeal!

I picked out 3 Rellery items and I’ve been wearing them on repeat the last few weeks. They’re just easy.

Butterfly Necklace – I put my 3 kids’ initials on this (R for Reed, J for Joey and M for Maggie). I especially like how the chain is accented with tiny gold spheres.

Choker Necklace – I love how this looks layered with the butterfly necklace or on its own. It’s pearls but casual. And it peeks out from a hoodie too.

Signet Ring. It’s delicate and easy to wear. I put it on my ring finger stacked with an eternity band and personalized it with my hubby’s initials. Now I’ve got all of my people accounted for!

Rellery’s Black Friday Sale is GOING ON NOW!

Save 10-20% depending on how much you spend.

A Cashmere Lounge Set – It Feels Like a Hug

Yes, cashmere sets have been around for a while. They’re not necessarily new, per se. But it’s one of those things that might have seemed too indulgent to buy yourself. They’re not cheap. Cashmere is luxurious and expensive. It feels like wearing a hug. I don’t know about you, but that’s exactly what I need right now.

And in past years, a cashmere lounge set might have been difficult to justify on a cost per wear basis. However, we know that in 2020, those sets are going to get more action than any other item in your wardrobe! When you want to feel kind of dressed up, but still comfortable. Or if you need to be warm for outdoor entertaining. Cheers to the year of staying at home!

The thing about a cashmere set is that it feels more special than pj’s or even a sweat-set. At this moment in time, there’s no real difference between what we wear on the weekends or to virtual work, or even for sleep. It all starts to blend. Dressing differently is part of what marks a day as special. While some might like to dress to the nines for an intimate, at-home, family dinner (think Royals in The Crown). I personally, still need (crave) comfort –  a cashmere set provides me with specialness and at the same time comfort. There’s a good chance I’ll be wearing a knit set for turkey day!

PRO TIP: Many of these cashmere sets are Black Friday specials and in limited quantity, so act quickly. Make sure to scroll thru, the tops and bottoms are listed and linked separately.

The Cashmere Sets

Pants come in grey, black, and heathered camel. The top has more color options. If you want a set grab the top and bottom in the same colorway. This is the set I’m trying on above. FYI – the pants are not itchy at all, the top is a little itchy – it might be going back.

This set comes in dusty rose and grey. It’s going fast because it’s 50% off for early Black Friday.

There’s an entire unisex collection (great gifts for him too) It only comes in black and is a limited quantity for Black Friday (but available now)

The most colorful options I’ve found. Pink and green, burgundy and red along with the regulars, grey, camel, and black – all with contrast hems.

I own other cashmere by this brand and it’s exceptional. I particularly adore the extra-wide drawstrings and the color of this camel – it’s rich and warm.

Technically, this is a knit but not cashmere. I wanted to offer something for those that don’t “do” wool. And it also has a wide leg which is nice.

Let me know if you have any questions about Rellery or styling cashmere sets – you know I love to help!! Happy Thanksgiving – I am truly thankful for all of you!

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