Slippers – Your Winter Style Staple

Even though this week it was 72 degrees in November, we know winter is on the way. Long, cold, dark winter. And I don’t think I’m being a fortune teller if I predict that we all will be spending more time at home this winter, than in winters past. Less going out, more staying in. Dark at 5pm. Cold and snowy. Germs floating everywhere. That’s what we can look forward to. While this scenario could sound dreadful, I’m going to re-frame it to sound cozy. A time for hibernation perhaps. So, if there’s a place in your wardrobe to invest, to really get the return on a cost per wear basis – it’s your house clothes and even more specifically your house slippers.

Because even me, an infamous shoe addict (yes, honey, I do need to pack 3 pairs of black shoes for a weekend away – they all serve a different purpose).  I tend to not change my house slippers with every outfit. It’s more of a slippers for a season or two and then they get old and grungy (and smelly too if I’m being honest – barefoot + sweat = stink) so I replace them. Usually with the exact same style – because A. I’m not that exciting and B. my slippers are more function than fashion.  But also because in the past I’ve only really worn them at night or on the weekend. But now, I’m wearing them most days, all day long. So, it’s time to shake things up a bit. The moral of the story is, I’m on the hunt for a new pair of slippers.

Not Your Grandma’s House Slippers

I remember my grandma (may she rest in peace) wearing a housecoat and a pair of leather house shoes with a little wedge heel. It was a very 1950’s housewife look – and that makes sense because that’s precisely what my grandma was, a 1950″s housewife. While I loved that look for her and it’s very nostalgic, that’s not the style vibe I’m going for. The house slippers I’m talking about wearing now, are not your grandma’s slipper (although if that’s your comfort zone, go for it). I’m talking about shoes/slippers you can wear in the house, that will keep your feet warm and cozy. And that look kind of stylish in a 2020 way, if you have to answer the door or forget to take them off when you get in the car to run an errand, it’ll be ok.

Slipper Style

Generally, when I think of slippers, it’s either fuzzy pink bunny slippers or uggs that come to mind. I love my ugg slippers, I’ve literally been wearing them non-stop for these past 8 months – so, for me, I feel like I need a change. I’ve been on the hunt for new slippers to keep me company in the long months ahead. And my internet trolling is your gain. I only have 2 feet but there are a lot of cute slippers I’ve found – so maybe you’re in need of a slipper pick me up too.

Here are some of the styles that are catching my eye.

Are you on the hunt for new slippers too? Or anything else? Drop a comment and let me know. I’m always curious about what you guys are searching for.

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Photo: Becky Cormell

Outfit: Grey Lounge set linked here


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  1. Rick Diamond Reply

    I read your recent article in theJewish news. Not only do you write well, but your comments about (ideally) shopping local and contributing to our community are right on the mark. You make a compelling case, and should take pride in helping support brick and mortar retailers in the current environment . Kudos to you, I will be sure to check out your columns in the future.

    • Hallie Abrams Reply

      Thank you, Rick!! First, thank you for reading (in print in the CJN) and for your kind words. Second, from a retail veteran like you, the compliment means even more – many thanks.

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