Meet the Stylists

Are you looking for a personal stylist that is committed to you helping you build the perfect wardrobe? Get to know fun and fashionable stylists at The Wardrobe Consultant. Get to know founder Hallie Abrams and her associate stylists Elana and Anastasia below. Call or email us to discuss next steps!

Hallie Abrams, Founder and Lead Stylist

I’m a fashion stylist, styling real people for real life. You don’t have to be a movie star walking the red carpet to benefit from a professional stylist. My clients include doctors, teachers, marketing execs and moms. People like you, and people like me.

My love of styling started when I was a kid, when I’d dress up my Barbies and mix and match outfits all day long. Whether it was Barbie, Skipper or Ken, my “clients” were ready for whatever was on the agenda. Fast forward 30+ years, and I’m still playing dress up, but with real people with real agendas.

I’m a native Cleveland girl who loves this city – it’s east coast sophistication coupled with midwest values. I’m a graduate of Hawken School and Syracuse University, and throughout school I worked in retail (from Saks to small boutiques to NYC garment center showrooms) discovering a love and a gift for helping customers put it all together.

After school I worked in advertising helping clients with their brand messaging. I started noticing that people kept asking me for fashion advice. I was “that friend,” the one people called for help when they didn’t know what to wear. I found joy in helping them rifle through their closets or in guiding them to make strategic purchases to complete an outfit. So, I began to pair my retail knowledge with my brand knowledge, understanding that dressing is a form of communication. If what you’re wearing doesn’t express who you really are, then what fun is that?

When I launched The Wardrobe Consultant in 2005, my mission was to take the stress out of getting dressed, and I’ve developed a systematic plan to approach wardrobing in a methodical, yet personalized, way. A way that achieves results and makes people happy.

My own personal style is classic and effortless with a bit of edge. I always prefer sophisticated to trendy and live for a high/low mix. In my closet you’ll find Rag & Bone and J.Crew, A.L.C and Aquazzura, Zara and Hermes, with some Target and Old Navy thrown in too. My daily uniform is usually jeans, (definitely jeans), a silk blouse or graphic t, a vintage accessory and always a third piece.

I live on the east side of Cleveland with my husband and three kids. Two boys and a girl who, believe it or not, hates to play Barbies!

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Elana Mintz, Associate Stylist

When I was growing up other girls were playing softball and volleyball. I was shopping. You might say that shopping was my sport. I’ve always had a passion for it. After I graduated from high school, I went on to Ohio State University. There, I would sell my very highly sought after football ticket and take the money to shop for the newest and greatest.

After graduating with a B.A in English, I moved to San Francisco. I worked for a small upscale boutique that offered personal wardrobing services outside the boutique. I didn’t stick around San Francisco for too long, and moved back to the Cleveland that I love.

I began working for the Cleveland Jewish News where I sold advertising. I learned the art of organization on paper. Soon, I started to apply the concept of organization to my everyday life, including my closet.

I met Hallie in 2012. I was introduced to her by a mutual friend after complaining about my wardrobe woes. I had a closet full of clothing and nothing to wear. I met with Hallie and was hooked. I adopted her ideas and philosophies and began to make the most out of my closet.

I began working for The Wardrobe Consultant in 2015. Applying the philosophies that I learned from Hallie, along with my organization, I have helped to keep many closets in tip top shape. You can just call me the Closet Whisper!

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Anastasia Walker, Associate Stylist

I was born and raised in the Bay area. I believe the diversity found there, as well as my own multicultural background inspired a distinct sense of self, and sense of style in me early on.

It was also in the genes – my grandmother worked in Hollywood – which is how at a time when there were no style channels, or known stylists, I became informed and got the bug for fashion.

It was that same “bug” that propelled me to head to Cleveland to attend The Kent State University’s Fashion School.

While in Fashion School, I realized that I wanted to be styling, not designing, so I left and headed to New York City. What followed were years of plugging away in the fashion world – working for various companies doing everything from styling for e-commerce and New York Fashion Week, to working on celebrity, editorial, commercial, & music videos. However after a few years, I decided it was important to finish what I had started – and went back to Kent to obtain my degree.

Upon returning to Ohio I worked in designer retail – there I met Hallie who was busy styling her personal clients. My goal quickly became to work with her and after being humbly persistent for a year, she took me on. We’ve been working together ever since, building “The Wardrobe Consultant”. And now we’re building it even further, as I head once again to New York City, to represent The Wardrobe Consultant as we take our distinct styling approach into the big apple.

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