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“Hallie and Anastasia were amazing—gently editing my closet, helping me understand what suits me and why, pulling together looks that made better use of what I already had than I could have ever done alone, and teaching me to shop with greater focus and success. Hallie’s taste is spot on, and her suggestions and advice have given me greater confidence on the fashion front. She’s a total gem!”

— Paula McLain, New York Times Best Selling Author

“Hallie has been an amazing partner in simplifying the process of getting dressed. I no longer have to worry about what looks good, what is outdated, or what pairings work best. Hallie already has it figured out for me! Her approach is kind but candid, which is incredibly helpful when working with such a delicate topic as style.”

— R.K. 41, CFO of Retail Chain

“Working with Hallie has eased my daily routines and made fashion more fun. I used to spend many hours of my week trying to figure out and/or worry about what to wear? what matched? did the outfit look good? did it flatter my figure? did it look like I was stuck in the 90’s? Hallie advised me on fashion organization, the needed basics and the best way for me to keep up with trends and not break the bank. She personalized my “looks”, taking me from casual to classy by showing me how to add a few accessories here or change a shoe there. She taught me how to go shopping in my own closet!! I was amazed how this process has saved me time and energy. It has also saved me money. I no longer just buy something, I now think about how to integrate that potential purchase into my existing wardrobe. I am so appreciative that Hallie has helped me feel more confident and secure in how I dress. She is the best.”

— A.C. 42, Social Worker

“I can’t tell you how much better I feel knowing that from ultra casual to bat/bar mitzvah/funeral I actually know what to put on. I love this! Thank you for providing this service.”

— S.N. 40, Stay at home mom

“Hi Hallie, I have to tell you that this process is making me very happy!
You are brilliant. I can’t wait to do continue. I don’t care who knows that we are working together.”

— L.M. 35, Esthitician

“She is totally adorable and I think that you should email her asap—it’s life changing!!!”

— C.P. 27, Teacher

“I have always tried to look effortlessly pulled together. This has always been a stressful, frustrating, and sometimes expensive process. Hallie has taken the stress and frustration out of the equation and made the whole thing enjoyable. She Knows what looks good on me, has figured out my style and all within my budget. I have a “look” book that helps me get dressed in the morning, on Saturday nights, or for any occassion. Hallie is also very responsive for any question I might have. Hallie has definitely simplified my life.”

— J.S. 52, Realtor

“Hallie is a personal wardrobe consultant who can help with everything from a closet makeover—through out everything—to one event!! She has great style and can help pick out things for work, casual, or that particular event. She is totally amazing.”

— M.B. 32, VP Sales

“Working with Hallie(and her team of talented people) was amazing. She not only understood our religious guidlines for dress, but she was able to make them feel fashionable to our teenage girls. She made the huge undertaking of re-working two teenage girls wardobes into a fun process, something I thought would be impossible! Hallies understanding and kindness left everyone feeling good about themselves, their choices, and the entire experience.”

— DS – 38, Mother of two teen clients

“I have had the pleasure of working with Hallie Abrams for over 5 years. We have had many different sessions together but none were as memorable as our first time shopping together for maternity clothes. Hallie was one of the first people to know I was expecting because I was desperate to find some early-stage maternity clothes that would allow me to transition. We spent the afternoon together before a business trip and I left feeling confident and relieved to have found such a wonderful and resourceful friend.

Working with Hallie has take then pressure off of “what to buy” and “what to wear” each season. Throughout the years Hallie has taught me how to “finish” an outfit, the basics required, and together we have built a wardrobe. Hallie is amazing at taking older pieces and “reinventing” them each season determined to find different looks for your lifestyle- work, going out, shoes and accessories too. I am always getting compliments on my outfits and feel confident from the boardroom to the carpool line. Hallie posseses a true talent, has a keen eye for fashion, and is a true pleasure to work with.”

— M.H. 35, VP Advertising

“I am the person who has plenty of clothes but nothing to wear. Unless I had purchased a specific outfit, I wasn’t always able to combine various “pieces” into something that actually looked put together. Hallie and Anastasia helped me weed out the wardrobe pieces that were of little value to me any longer, and combine what I still had into combinations that were great looking. Now I pick my outfit from those pictures (complete with accessories) and feel confident that I am well dressed.”

— Z.B. 72, Pianist

“Hallie and Anastasia are AMAZING. They take the time to really understand a clients needs, and then they provide expert service. Whether it is help with a single outfit for a special occassion, or more extensive shopping and purchasing, I would reccomend Hallie and Anastasia to anyone.”

— S.S. 43, Commercial Developer

“Working with Hallie was a great experience. She showed me so many great things that were already in my closet. In fact she taught me about the topper. The topper takes any outfit from drab to fab. Thanks again for helping with my go to looks.”

— S.A. 41, Entrepreneur