Baublebar Baroque pearl earrings styled by The Wardrobe Consultant

Just Add Pearls

I’ve always loved pearls. The Audrey Hepburn kind. The Grace Kelly kind. The Jackie O kind. Honestly, I don’t even hate the Barbara Bush kind. They’re total classics and never have truly gone out of fashion. My personal style is somewhat classic and pearls, even the prim, and proper kind work for me.

Right now, however, they’re having a major fashion moment. So even if you’re not the type that typically likes wearing pearls you might want to take a second look, because there is a NEW WAY TO WEAR PEARLS, and it’s super cool! I’d dare say even edgy.

These Ain’t Your Grandma’s Pearls

What makes the pearls you’re seeing on social media and in magazines and at Fashion Week different than their predecessors is this… Today’s pearls are more of a baroque style meaning they’re not cultured and therefore imperfect. And it’s exactly that imperfection that makes them so darn irresistible. The organicness makes them feel unique and modern and not at all like your grandma’s pearls.

Add a Bit of Leather

The other element that makes today’s pearls different and infinitely more wearable, especially with our more casual dress codes (hello jeans and a t-shirt) is when pearls are mixed with leather. It’s that sweet spot of casual jewelry we often talk with our clients about. The juxtaposition of the “casual” leather and the “fancy” pearls hits that hard to find middle ground. It finishes off an outfit without dressing it up too much.


The earrings I’m wearing above are so dang heavy, I am not even going to link them for you. Yes, they look fabulous. But my lobes were killing 1/2 way thru the try-on session. But I’ve found a bunch of other pearl jewelry pieces that are perfectly refreshed for 2019.

I’ve been crushing on pearls for decades now… Back in the 80’s when I was in high school, and the whole color analysis thing was the rage, I was analyzed and declared a “summer” just like Princess Diana. The color expert also told me that if I was wearing a color that was not my season I could wear pearls and it would make the color work for me. She was right and I’ve been wearing pearls ever since.

But, If you’re not a die-hard pearls girl like me, are you open to trying the new way to wear them? Let me know…


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