The Search for the Perfect White Jeans

It’s that time of year. The weather is warming up and we’re all beginning to think about our “summer” wardrobes.  And for many, that means the eternal search for the perfect white jean. BTW, this quest happens every year. This year it’s compounded by the fact that many of us didn’t get dressed or go out or shop in 2020. So we’re out of practice.

Summer clothes are a happy place for some people. However, for others, it is a stressful season for getting dressed. The weather is hot (hello sweat). And summer clothes are more revealing. So those (myself included)  that feel more comfortable camouflaging our perceived body imperfections in darker colors and layers are out of luck. Not really, but it can for sure feel that way.

A Warm Weather Staple

White jeans are a warm-weather wardrobe staple. They feel “summery” because they’re white. Yet they still cover. So that’s good. BUT finding the perfect white jeans is like the search for the holy grail.

And add to the equation the fact that white jeans need to be replaced more often than their blue denim counterparts, and we feel like we’re constantly searching for the perfect pair of white jeans!!

When to Replace Your White Jeans

White jeans, like white t-shirts, require more frequent replenishment. White is crisp and bright. It goes with everything. And it also yellows and stains more easily. When it loses its luster, it is time to say goodbye. Refreshing white clothes with OxiClean or Clorox is a good idea, but be careful. Those products break down the clothing fibers and then the pieces get holes or just look worn out.

Another white jeans issue is that they’re not extraordinarily forgiving. So gaining a pound or two (or ten) factors into the replacement factor as well.

So needless to say, every woman I know is always looking for “that” pair of white jeans.

How To Find Your Perfect Pair

As I’ve said in the past few posts, skinny jeans are a classic. BUT, and this is a big but, straighter leg denim, especially in white, is easier to wear. Why? Because it’s more forgiving in the thigh region. And I know, from personal experience, skinny white jeans are prone to showing every nook and cranny (aka cellulite). Wearing jeans that have more room in the upper leg makes this a non-issue.

I’ve had many a personal styling client wonder about wearing Spanx or other shapewear under skinny white jeans. IMHO, that’s horridly uncomfortable. AND you totally see the part where the Spanx ends and the natural leg begins. Opting for a slim leg (or anything wider) instantly fixes this problem.

The 8 Best, Most Perfect White Jeans I’ve Found

This list is short and sweet. I am only including white jeans I’ve actually tried myself or have seen on a client. It’s actual real-life feedback.

Here ya go…

Some Additional White Jeans Styling Tips

  • Play with size – sometimes you need to size up or down to find the right fit. With skinny jeans I typically recommended sizing up. But with these newer styles, it’s not always necessary.
  • Look for substantial fabric – because white denim can show everything, opt for a heftier fabric. Specifically, if you’re going the skinny route. More cotton and less lycra in the fabric content.
  • Sew up those pockets – IMHO front pockets in white pants is just DUMB. Why do brands do this? It just draws the eye to your hips. And what woman uses the front pockets? I sew up the pockets in 90% of my white pants, not just my jeans. Take them to the tailor, have them take out the pocket sack (not sure that’s the correct term, but you know what I mean). And sew the opening closed. Voila – white pants you’ll feel confident wearing.

Are you also on an eternal search for white jeans? And what else are you always looking for? LET ME KNOW! I’d love to help!

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Photo: Becky Cormell

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