Tie Neck Blouses for the WIN

Let’s talk tie neck blouses, or bow neck or librarian blouses. Whatever you call them we are LOVING them right now!  Yeah, seriously…these are an updated modern take on the old school blouse that you’ve got in your head. You know we’re all about making the most out of your wardrobe, and the updated tie neck blouses are uber versatile. Last week we talked about a comfortable pointy toe flat like Rothy’s showing up on our clients’  shopping lists, and now it’s happening with this tie neck type of blouse too. Even Princess Kate is getting in on it! Regardless of how busty you are or not, this style seems to work on everyone.

Why It looks good on everyone

There’s something about the softness of a blouse as opposed to the stiffness of a classic white woven that makes it work for literally every BODY.  You know how a classic white blouse (made from cotton) can often pull at the buttons, especially if you’re more than a C-Cup?  Well,  tie neck blouses are mostly made of silk (or silk-like rayon) and that tends to drape not pull across the chest. These blouses also come in pull-over v-neck styles and that avoids the whole button thing altogether.

Dress it up, Dress it down

The other great thing about the tie neck blouse is it works with all lifestyles. If you’re a corporate gal, wear it with a pencil skirt or under a suit to soften the masculine feel of a suit. If your work is business casual, pair it with ankle pants for a finished but not too dressy look. And for off duty, these blouses look HOT with jeans – any jean as long as they’re NOT your gardening jean – skinny, distressed, boyfriend – it’s the juxtaposition of the prissy feminine and the tough denim that totally makes this look work. We’ve seen tie neck blouses on all shapes and sizes and with both jeans and dress pants. And ya’ know what…they work ALL THE TIME! 

Hallie brought this tie neck blouse  (btw, it’s on sale now!) on her trip to Israel and it’s been a travel wardrobe staple… worn to dinner with heeled booties and during the day with sneakers and a chunky cardigan.

How to Style a Tie Neck blouse:

  • Move the tie neck up or down depending on your bust size. Lower for you busty gals, and higher for the not so busty.
  • Dress the Librarian blouses up for work with cropped bottoms, or longer flared pants. 
  • Dress them down with any jean you own.
  • This blouse is pretty and feminine.  Paired it with a leather jacket or leather pant (NOT TOGETHER, please) for an edgy look. 
  • Wear it all year round. It’s great for transitioning into the warmer months.
  • Layer them with a blazer or cardigan.
  • Or, if you’re sweating to death peel your layer off.  They’re interesting enough to wear on their own as a one and done.

Tie Neck blouses to splurge on, or steal.

Splurge on these…

Or, steal these…

There are so many awesome tie neck blouses out there at all different price points, which ones will you indulge in or save on? Even if you indulge a little we know that the versatility of it will be worth the splurge. And, if you’re a saver…Try a few for the price of one.




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