A Travel Shoe or Two. Three at Most

We’ve been packing for our clients a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. Maybe you’ve even seen it on Hallie’s Insta stories. And, regardless of the final destination, the common theme has been the dire need of travel shoes. And the desire NOT to over pack in the shoe department. Most people think they need waaaay more shoes than they do to go on a trip. This is the deal, shoes take up A LOT of room in your suitcase (and your weight restrictions). USE THAT SPACE WISELY!

We’ve helped pack for Cali, Arizona, Florida, Italy, France, Portugal, Ireland, Vietnam, Israel, you name the destination, and we’ve probably assisted in packing for it.  And, it hasn’t seemed to matter what the weather is at the final destination, hot, cold, humid, or wet, all of these traveling gals have had the same conundrum, what shoes to pack and how many are really needed? And we figured, hey, if this has been the common theme, then why not put it out there for you, too. 

Travel Shoe Tips from the Pros: 

Build your outfit based on your travel shoes.

Literally, this has been life changing for many of our clients (men and women alike) START FROM THE GROUND UP. Start with your shoes and build the outfits from there. The shoe makes the outfit so when it comes to travel let the shoe start out the outfit. It really helps to cut down on the amount of shoes you need to schlep with you. If you have one or two good travel shoes that you can wear around all day or night that’s all you need. Don’t over pack in the shoe department. Give it a try, and save the space for shoe shopping on your trip.

Bring shoes you already own and you know are comfortable.

This might sound like weird advice from “personal shoppers” but use what you own before running out to buy new.  Chances are you have the shoes you need in your closet, and you already know which ones are comfortable and supportive and you can walk miles in. That’s important stuff, walking down the Champs Elysee is not the time to break in your new pair of kicks. That being said, there are some really great shoes out there that are good for everyday and perfect for travel, so we’re highlighting our faves. If you do buy new shoes, try to wear them at home first to break them in and make sure they’re comfy.

All you need are three pairs of shoes.

Yep, that’s all. For summer that means: sturdy sandal, sneaker, block heel sandal/bootie. And for fall winter just replace the sturdy sandal with a sturdy walking shoe – that can be a lace up or bootie, whatever is your most comfortable go-to. If you’re going to a beach destination throw in a flip-flop for the beach. They don’t take up much room and it stops stubborn sand from permeating your everyday sandals.

 5 Things to Look For in a Travel Shoe. 

  1. Look for a Sturdy Shoe.

You want it to be sturdy and supportive. Nobody wants aching feet or backs from yucky shoes. Go for  flat or flatform bottoms so you’re not wobbly on cobblestone or any other kind of pavement that isn’t your average sidewalk.

  2.  Good Foot Coverage.

Meaning keep your foot mostly covered.  They are better in wet weather, to avoid foot sunburn, and in large crowds. Have you ever been stepped on wearing flip flops? It hurts, right?

3.  Go for Comfort.

Yes, people, you can be both comfortable and fashionable at the same time. It’s best to find a shoe that you can wear for an entire day of touring and traveling. You don’t have to want to stop along the way to change your shoes because of blisters. (But if you do, we swear by these.)  If you opt for sneakers during the day try some of our favorite socks with them. 

4.  Leave Your Pumps and High Wedges at Home.

Unless you’re walking the red carpet in Cannes, your stilettos can stay at home. Instead, opt for a block heel which won’t get stuck in concrete or cobblestones. And they’ll give you a lift while offering support to keep you stable.  

5. Choose neutral color shoes.

Neutral color travel shoes will go with a lot more which will also help to consolidate in the shoe packing department. Tans, blacks, grays and whites mix and match with other neutrals as well as denim and florals to give you lots of options.

The 3 Essential Travel Shoes for any Destination. 

The sturdy sandal

This is our latest obsession. It’s the perfect walking sandal that’s both functional and fashionable. Fyi…It runs true to size and is super comfortable. It’s tried and true. Style Tip – wear these with shorts, jeans or a day dress to stay cool and look polished all day long.

UGG Kamile Travel shoes

More Sturdy Sandals

The Sneaker


This ultra lightweight mesh sneaker is a great every day travel shoe. The metallic gray adds an extra cool factor and makes it more special than your everyday gym shoe. Style Tip – wear these as part of your travel outfit for chic comfort on planes, trains or automobiles.Techloom Pro Knit Mesh Sneaker

More Sneakers


The Block Heel


A cross between a bootie and a sandal this one is great with dresses and pants. Bonus, it comes in 4 different colors. Style Tip – Think of this as your evening shoe. It’s a step up from your sneakers or flat sandals but totally walk-able.


Ecco Shape 35 Sling Back Block Heel

More Block Heels


Have any trips planned this summer? And, how many pair of travel shoes are you going to take now??? Make sure to give us a shout if you have any dressing dilemmas that have been bothering you. Honestly, our best ideas come from your questions. And, if you’d rather not post your question, shoot Hallie an email Hallie@TheWardrobeConsultant.com





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The sandal in the header photo is from last year – I tracked it down for you HERE and HERE


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  1. Thanks so much for this post! Since I began using your advise “choose shoes first “ …packing is easier!

  2. Just back from Italy and I packed four pairs of shoes…Adidas Superstars, Marc Fisher platform espadrilles, Vince Blairs and a pair of lace up flat gladiators from Target. I wore the espadrilles the first night in Florence and even though I wore them stateside a few times to break them in, holy blisters! I think it might have been all the cobblestones. The Adidas were my workhorse shoes the remainder of my trip. As a side note, Stan Smiths were EVERYWHERE. So I got a pair when I got home. 😊

    • Hallie Abrams Reply

      You go girl!! 4 pair of shoes?? Woot woot! Yea, the Stan Smiths are amazeballs!!

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