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Inez Shoes

I was a bit hesitant to post my Inez shoe review this week because of Corona and quarantine and basically the state of the world right now.

It’s really challenging to know what to write about every week… I don’t want anyone to feel like I’m “selling” something. But at the same time, this community was built on sharing fab finds and tips and how to’s.  If you’re on a spending freeze right now (I know I certainly am) then please don’t buy any shoes. Maybe remember this brand for the future. Or look at the photos, get ideas for outfits you can create from your own closet and feel inspired for a time we will get dressed and go out of the house again. I believe it WILL happen…

The Most Comfortable Heels I Own

There were two things convinced me I should still run this post… first, that I’m an authentically huge fan of the brand. My Inez shoes honestly are the most comfortable heels I have ever worn. And I am not saying this lightly. I’ve tortured myself (more times than I’d like to admit) in the name of a fabulous looking but agonizing heel. I can honestly attest to their comfort. And on top of that,  they’re cute, like gorgeous looking. Not orthopedic or grandma -ish at all. They’re just stunning heels that don’t make me want to die when I wear them for extended periods of time.

I own two pairs – one bootie and now one pair of heeled sandals. They’re more comfortable than all of my Stuart Weitzman, Rag and Bone, GucciJ Crew, and  Sam Edelman heels combined.

Inez has a special patented footbed design, and OMG, it really works – but I’ll dive deeper into that later…

I Found Them From an Instagram Ad!

Last fall, I fell prey to one of those Instagram ads. They kept showing me these great looking white booties that claimed to be truly comfortable heels. So I figured I’d be a guinea pig and try them out to see if it was too good to be true. Well, the white booties ended up being uber comfortable and I wore them with like every outfit last fall WITH NO FOOT OR BACK PAIN.

I was so impressed, I promptly recommended the brand to 10 of my private styling clients. And when they all gave the shoe RAVE REVIEWS, I knew I was on to something! So, I approached Inez and asked if we could collaborate and let more people in on the secret!! This post was scheduled and the photos shot before the lockdown began. I wanted to still support them at this challenging time. Inez is a small, family-run company with HQ in New York and all of their shoes are made in-house at their third-generation factory in Elda, Spain.

What Makes Inez Heels So Comfortable

Inez calls it comfort technology. I call it a cushy footbed and well-placed arch support, even in the sandals. Here are the details from the Inez site  “Our specialized plush insole is the result of over two years of development with leading biomechanics experts. Made of luxe suede lining and layers of the latest foam technology, the insole regulates pressure as you walk. At the heel, an embedded circular cushion absorbs impact. Arch support cradles and stabilizes the foot. In the toe box, dense foam provides spring reaction and lasting comfort.” 

My non-technical description is this.  In addition to a foam insole that just feels good, the placement of the arch support helps hold your foot in place, so all of the weight doesn’t get pushed to the ball of your foot like it does in most heels. That is exactly why they can be worn for dancing, walking, standing at cocktail parties without your foot screaming at you after the first hour.

Online Shoe Shopping Made Easy

Shoe shopping online can be a bit of a crapshoot. Yes, stores like Zappos have made it easier, but with shoes especially, you need to try them on! And sometimes you go up or down a size as well. Inez has created a shoe buying process that’s relatively pain-free.

They have a try-at-home program where you buy one pair, and they’ll ship a backup size for free. Just try them both and send back (postage paid) the pair you don’t want. You’re only ever charged for one pair.

They’re Width-Inclusive Too

Another unique Inez offering is their shoes are available in various widths. That’s a big deal because not many fashion-forward shoe brands offer various widths. Often clients (and readers) with either narrow or wide feet get left out of the fun and fashionable footwear. BUT, not anymore!!

Most Inez styles are offered in slim, standard and roomy widths. In my white booties I went down a half size and took the roomy width and they’re perfect! And customer service is a top priority, so someone is available to help you find the right fit for your feet – even from a distance.

12 Styles That Do it ALL

The entire Inez line is 12 styles. But those 12 heels cover all your needs when it comes to heels. There are color options and of course the width options too. Here is my rundown of each style… AND 20% OFF SITE WIDE, NO CODE NEEDED

The Sophia Sandal – How To Style Guide

My newest Inez obsession is their Sofia sandal. Because it’s the kind of shoe that becomes your wardrobe go-to. It’s easy to wear and easy to walk in. It’s a perfect, just high enough heel and that extra support at the arch that makes it a walkable, dance all night shoe. And it’s also just sexy, barely-there enough. Not too high or too clubby for work or church, but also not too practical or comfort shoe looking, so it still feels special.

This is what I call a frequent flyer item.  Since it goes with so many outfits, can be dressed up or down, and is easily walkable, it makes the cut and ends up in your suitcase EVERY TIME you go on vacation. Obviously, that part was written before we all started sheltering and not leaving home… but you get the idea, it’s super versatile and useful. And one day, we will travel again.

5 Ways to Style

With an ALL BLACK jumpsuit

Green Inez Sandal styled with a black chelsea 28 jumpsuit on Hallie Abrams

I’d wear this to a cocktail party or wedding. Adding the pop of a green sandal to this all-black jumpsuit really elevates the entire outfit. A black or nude shoe would look fine.  Lovely, but expected. The green, however, takes the outfit over the finish line. It also helps that the straps are minimal, so the sandal elongates the leg even though it’s a bold color.


I’d wear this for a Girls Night Out. Adding a heel to cut off shorts takes them up a level. Showing off the leg while still staying casual. If you work in a creative field, you could wear this to the office (because it’s paired with a blazer). The green adds interest to a neutral color palette and makes the outfit pop.


I’d wear this for a spring bridal shower or daytime luncheon. Even though the green of the shoe and the green in the skirt are not a perfect match, the opacity of the greens is comparable and that’s why it works. In fact, I’d argue, the difference in color is part of what makes the outfit alluring. And the asymmetric straps of the Sofia pair nicely with a midi skirt adding uniqueness without overpowering the silhouette.


I’d wear this for date night. The strappy heel helps the boyfriend jeans feel more feminine. And mixing bolder colors like green, yellow and navy, take this basic,  jeans and a t-shirt outfit and makes it date night special.



I’d wear this to church or synagogue, or a daytime wedding. Especially when wearing something modest, it’s nice to have a fun element. If the dress were a solid color and worn with the green heels, it would add some oomph. Having the sassy stripes with the green shoes make it extra fun.

In case you can’t tell, I super passionately LOVE these shoes. And since I’ve been wearing only slippers or sneakers for 4+ weeks and counting, I’m pretty sure when the time comes to transition into “real” clothes and shoes, I’m opting for my most comfortable heels.

Stay well – and let me know if you have any requests for upcoming posts!!

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