What Kind of Shoes Should You Wear With Leather Pants?

Do you remember last week’s post? All about leather pants? Well, I received a bunch of questions about what SHOES to wear with leather pants. Boots or pumps? Leather or suede? Same color or different? They’re totally valid questions. In fact, as I was chatting with some of my favorite store owners and managers recently, they said it’s a question they receive from customers often too…

So let’s have at it. A quick guide to what shoes pair well with leather pants.

Suede Ankle Boots

As a rule of thumb, when it comes to footwear… suede plays better with leather pants than either leather or patent. Mostly because the suede provides a different texture and looks less matchy-matchy. It adds interest and dimension to an outfit. Having the boot in the same color as the pant elongates the leg (and ain’t nothing wrong with that.)

cool How to wear cropped leather pants? , I got a pair of cropped leather pants from Mango and after having it 6 months in my closet without wearing it, decided to sell it at my trendsurvivo... ,

Suede also works nicely if you want your boot color to differ from the pant. The rough finish of the suede marries the leather with the color.

Jeans und Hemd. Finden Sie beides auf dem Online Shop FashionVestis.com

rosie huntington whiteley | Tumblr

Pointy Toe Pumps

When you’re wearing a pump (or a bootie with a cutout) there is a bit more leeway in terms of the footwear fabric and color. The peep of skin helps marry the leather of the pants and the texture/color of the shoe.

Olivia Palermo fashion week street style

Even though I am not a huge fan of patent shoes and leather pants, because of the skin showing it works.

Kristin Cavallari's Fun & Fearless Bump Style | BUSINESS CHIC | Leather maternity pants? Yes, please! Cavallari pairs her all-black ensemble with a superchic blush blazer on Feb. 18 in Las Vegas, where she launched her new shoe line, Kristin Cavallari by Chinese Laundry.

Model Off Duty: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Street Style

Sneakers for the Win

As shoes go, a sneaker looks cool and casual with skinny leather pants. If the sneaker is black, pass on leather and go for fabric or suede. In white, a leather version looks great!  And, make sure some ankle shows to achieve the looks below.

Related image

If you've spotted a celeb wearing leather pants or leggings recently, they're probably from this brand. See the proof here.

Taupe look ... with fringed poncho and leather pants ... platform sneakers ... chocolate ...

Gigi Hadid in lace-up leather trousers, chambray shirt, Adidas sneakers and a Versace tote. #streetstyle #fashion #outfit #gigihadid

If You’re Going to Do a Leather Bootie…

Try to make sure the leathers are a pretty close match and that the boot can tuck under the pant (so it looks continuous). Or if you’re wearing a leather legging you can pair it with a leather OTK bootie like these, for a practical but stylish look. BTW these OTK  boots are some of my favorites ever!

I know I’ve said it before… I love, love, love it when you all throw styling questions my way. Shoes often seem to be an especially stressful topic. It makes sense because shoes can make or break the outfit.  Feel free to comment, or DM or email me and pose some of your fashion hmmmmm’s. Chances are, if you have the question someone else does too – and it really helps me write posts that are about things you want to know.

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Photos: Becky Cormell

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Post updated 3/1/21


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