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It’s June, Fathers Day is this weekend and I haven’t gotten my Father’s Day gifts yet. And it’s graduation month too, so basically, I have a list a mile long of gifts I need to get. I think part of my problem is that guys are just not that fun to buy gifts for.  So I wait, hoping something (anything) will pique my interest and seem like the “right” gift for my dad or grad. And now I’m in a rush and need to get Father’s Day gifts ASAP but don’t want to pay for expedited shipping. Does any of this sound familiar? Or are you one of those people that have all their Christmas shopping done in July? If so, I hate you – not really hate, just jealous that you have it so together. I am a true procrastinator when it comes to things in my personal life.

So consider this post for the last minute Charlies, like me, that don’t want it to look like you waited until the last minute to actually get the gift…

In case you didn’t guess, it’s Hallie writing today. Elana is one of those Christmas in July people, love her but, ughhhh.

Father’s Day Gifts that Upgrade His Style

This past week we had 4 different clients asking about a style spruce up for their man. The story’s been kind of the same even though the people, ages, professions and interests are all very different. “My guy needs help when we go out. He’s fine when wearing a suit or going to work. And then he’s got his bum around weekend Cavs/Browns/Indians stuff. But when we go out casually (like not sweats) he is a lost cause.

Really , that kind of makes sense – men are practical by nature. They NEED things to go to work and they NEED things to be comfortable. But they don’t necessarily feel the need to look put together when they’re taking us out on the town. Elevated casual attire is a no mans land for most people let alone men. You can’t google “going out tops” for men, you know??

East Dane to the Rescue

East Dane is a site full of cool stuff for guys that they’ll really use and wear. It’s the brother site to one of my go-to spots, Shopbop. And just like Shopbop, they are very “on trend” with out being too weird and out there.  And, they’re now owned by Amazon, so yippie, there’s fast shipping and PRIME perks too. If you order today you can get your  Father’s Day gift by Sunday, and you’ll know it’s cool guy approved too.

I’m sharing what I rounded up as possible gifts for the gentlemen I know – here’s to hoping it helps some other gift giving stragglers too.

Accessories can make the Man

If you’re not sure of size, style etc. accessories are a great way to go.

This is cool guy jewelry at it’s finest. And it spans the ages too. I know men 18 and men 88 that wear these with style.Miansai Sterling Silver Ipsum Wrap Bracelet

More cool dad/grad accessories


Clothes That Fit

Getting men clothes that fit can and should be a whole other post. In the meantime, if your guy is fairly in shape, opt for a slim fit shirt.

This brand is a favorite of my guys – it has a vintage feel and a slim fit.




More Clothes for the Guys


Shoes Glorious Shoes

They say shoes can make or break an outfit – these here are makers

Cool kicks that elevate the whole jeans and tee look


More dad/grad shoe picks

I placed my order and it’s all supposed to arrive by Friday! Thank G-d. Now, it’ll be a Happy Father’s Day.


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