What is Reformation?

I was in NYC a few weeks ago with my daughter and her friend and we spent a few hours at the Reformation store in SoHo. The clothing there has a vintage vibe that’s super current (if that’s not an oxymoron, I don’t know what it…). More importantly, It’s a store that my teenage daughter and I can both agree on in terms of appropriateness, cool factor and ethos.

A Store for BOTH Mom and Teen

We were pleasantly surprised to find things we BOTH will wear at Reformation.  And, that’s not always easy. She doesn’t want to look like a middle aged mom (understandably), and I don’t want to look like that middle aged mom trying to look like a teenager. Sadly, we’ve all seen that before, and it ain’t pretty. Reformation is kind of that perfect middle ground. And the price point is in the $30 – $200 range for most items, so while slightly indulgent for my daughter, the price doesn’t make me want to puke either.

If I had to explain Reformation, I’d call it ethical fast fashion.

Reformation is true fast fashion. Typically stores/clothing lines take 12-18 months to develop a piece from sketch to store. At Reformation, a sketch can become a dress in about a month.  Meaning they’re designing and making what we want to wear NOW!

And, it’s ethical. They make their pieces from sustainable materials like rescued dead-stock or re-purposed vintage clothing.  BUT if I had not told you, you’d never know. You’d just think everything was soft, breathable and very hip.

There is a lot to like at Reformation – I’m highlighting some of the pieces I was able to see, touch and try on in person. Fall pieces are not in the stores quite yet… But we can always do another post on Fall when it arrives.

My Reformation Favorites

On Line Orders

On line orders and returns from Reformation are pretty easy. But, if that’s not your thing,  good news, Nordstrom is now carrying some of the line, sadly NOT in the Cleveland store. Click HERE to see the collection. The offerings are more limited but they have that crazy good return policy, so there’s that.

Have you tried Reformation before or is it new to you? LMK if you try something and what you think…






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