Spring Break is Right Around the Corner

Spring break is right around the corner, and, even if you’re NOT going anywhere NEAR a beach, Spring Break still means that warm weather will be here soon – serious fingers crossed on this one, considering the odd winter we’ve had – there’s honestly a part of me that thinks it might be snowing in July, like some kind of cruel payback, but I digress… So if you’re planning for a getaway, or just planning ahead for the summer months, this post is for you…

Over-packers Anonymous

The question of what to pack sends many people into an anxiety-ridden tailspin. There’s a comical irony to me giving packing advice because I am a notoriously horrid over-packer. In fact, for my honeymoon, I packed two HUGE duffles, literally the size of body bags. And when we arrived in Bali the bags were so large, they didn’t fit in the taxi! Embarrassing but true. We had to take two taxis to the resort – one for us and one for my bags!!

Anyway, I have become a better packer over the years. I still tend to over-pack, just not as excessively. Like if the weight restriction is 50 lbs, I’ll come in at 49.9lbs. When it comes to my clients though, I have it down to a science as to what they need to pack. I guess it’s easier to give advice than take it myself!

Can You Pack in a Carry-on?

Beach vacations are typically easier to pack for because most of the day is spent in a swimsuit, and those don’t weigh that much. So packing in a carry-on is more do-able.

Although, last week, I did help a client pack for a 10 day trip to Israel and we got it all – 3 pairs of pants, 6 tops, 2 sweaters, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 scarves, a packable down coat, and a raincoat – in a carry-on, so it can be done. Consider that my not so humble, humblebrag!

The key to minimal packing for a beach vacation is to limit the shoes + make sure pieces can be worn in multiple ways.

This is What to Pack

1.  Bathing suit

High-wasted bikinis are in, which is a relief for a lot of gals. They’re more forgiving than regular bikini’s and easier to get on and off (when you need to go to the loo) than one-piece suits. IRL, I tend to favor a tankini, for the tummy coverage and the potty breaks, but surprisingly, they’re harder to find these days.

2. One pair of sandals

If you’re really packing minimally, just pack one pair of sandals. A sandal with an espadrille bottom is perfect because they’re casual enough to wear to the pool but chic enough to wear to dinner. If I’m being honest, I’d slip in a pair of flipflops for the beach and wear my sneakers on the plane – so realistically there’d be three pairs of shoes but only packing two!

3. Cozy beach sweatshirt

Even in warm weather, it gets cool when the sun goes down,  a cozy beach sweatshirt for late afternoon, oceanside drinks is a must.

4. Sunhat

Without a doubt,  a nice, wide-brimmed hat to protect from the sun accompanies me on every beach vacation. If you’ve gotta wear one, it may as well look good, right? And if you travel with a hat you NEED this hat clip so you don’t need to pack the hat OR wear it on the plane. Brillant!

5. Beach tote

I suggest you get a beach tote that can double as a carry on and can also stand up to sand and sunscreen. Here are a few I love…

6. Beach dress

Dresses are perfect to go from the beach straight to lunch and shopping. You can add jewelry and a light jacket and wear it out at night!

7. Cover-up

Some beach dresses serve as cover-ups and vise versa. I typically take two coverups because that’s what I end up wearing all day long.

8. Sunglasses

You can’t forget a cool pair of sunnies … If you’re looking for a new pair, try a round shape.

So, happy warm weather shopping, or dreaming, or visiting – whatever the case may be! And, if you do go on a beachy vacay, what are you gonna bring along??

And, if you’re not headed to a beach but, perhaps are traveling to Europe, I updated all the links in the WHAT TO PACK FOR SPRING BREAK IN EUROPE post…

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