Girls Night Out (GNO!!)

A few weeks ago I had my first, in ages, thanks to Covid, girls night out dinner with friends. We sat outside, under heaters, and next to a fire. We ate, drank, and laughed It felt amazing and normal, and amazingly normal. Boy, did I need it! And as we were discussing getting our homes ready for us to have the “night off”, the consensus was the thing that caused the most stress was deciding on what to wear for a GNO. Under normal circumstances, night out outfits can be stressful. But after 8 months of sweatpants, it’s downright exasperating.

Then with a virtual client last week we needed to focus on what to wear when she goes out with her girlfriends or on date night. She struggled with her going out looks feeling different than a typical daytime outfit, but not so overly fancy (or hoochie – her words) that it seemed she was trying too hard.

And today I received this message in my Instagram dm’s.

Hey Hallie! I am so glad I found you! Your style is everything I hope for 👏🏼 a group of friends and I are headed to Vegas in 2 weeks. And I don’t know what to wear?!?!? Do you have any posted looks that can help inspire me? I want to feel currant and sexy but not trashy 🙊

And that’s the slippery slope – wanting to look different than every day yet still appropriate for your age and environment. And I might add, also not feel dowdy.

Whenever a question comes up three times, I know it’s time to write a blog post about it!

My Simple GNO Formula

This is one of those tricks that sounds so simple, you’re not going to question if you read it correctly. Or you’re going to wonder why you haven’t thought of it yourself! Seriously, easy-peasy. All you have to do to make an everyday outfit, GNO special is to add one of the following… Something – leather, fur (or faux), sheer, metallic, or embellished. Yup, that’s it!

All of these elements have a bit of glitz to them and adding some, or a lot of glitz helps up an outfits specialness quotient. Just like when you’re adding spice to a dish, you add more if you want it extra spicy, and just a pinch if you prefer it mild. So too with your girls night out glam. Add just one piece from one category for mild flashiness, and double or triple up if you’re looking to rock some glitz and glam.

For GNO glam just add some…


Anything leather does the trick. For instance, a leather jacket or leather pants. However, probably not both unless it’s sold as a set and/or you’re on the edgier side. But adding a dose of leather to any ensemble makes it more GNO friendly. My personal favorite wintertime combo is leather pants, silk top, and faux fur topper.



Again, not to sound like a broken record, but faux fur is another easy add on to make any outfit feel less ordinary. Add the fact that faux fur is a big trend for fall and a warm addition for dining outdoors, and it’s a bonafide GNO winner.


The cool thing about wearing something sheer is that it allows you to show some skin, but not really. Therefore, you can feel sexy without looking slutty. The key to wearing sheer items is to make sure your undergarments are seamless and full coverage, so you’re not giving an unintentional peep show.


Metallics shine bright and that’s precisely what makes them feel dressier. If you like your outfits mild, metallic might not be your jam. They’re definitely attention-seeking (and getting) in the most sparkly of ways.


An embellished piece can have anything from sequins to embroidery, to fringe that makes it unique. I love pairing an embellished top with leather for a fancy/tough yin and yang.

I’m curious, are you guys having a girl’s night out these days? I’m trying to be mindful of how often, but at the same time, I’m downright craving human interaction – we are social creatures ya know. Well, if and when you do go out, I hope this guide is helpful.

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