Remember going Passover or Easter Dress Shopping as a Kid?

It’s Spring – YAY! And that means the spring holidays are here. Along with the what to wear for Passover and Easter question. There’s something that feels ritualistic and traditional about getting a new dress for these holidays. It’s like a renewal for the season and makes the holiday feel special when wearing a new frock.

But that all being said, it can stress people out too. I remember as a little girl we’d go with my Grandma and shop for our Passover outfits – I so looked forward to that! Yes, I was a clothes lover even as a kid. My mom talks about taking the rapid downtown to Halle Bros department store and wearing white gloves for her holiday shopping trips. When I imagine it I totally picture a scene from Marvelous Mrs. Maisel but of course, set in Cleveland.

Today that Shopping is Done in Front of the Computer

Today, sad to say, I sit down with my kids in front of the computer and order what they need. Somehow that doesn’t have the same romantic quality as a white glove trip downtown – but it does the trick in today’s busy world. It’s family time but in a different way. At least that’s what I keep trying to tell myself.

And like most moms, I’m usually the last on the list – so if you don’t have your Passover or Easter Dress yet, don’t fret – I spent a little extra time in front of the computer shopping for you, and for me. And I found some great options!

Special but not TOO Special

One of the challenges of getting a dress for a holiday is that you want it to feel special, but not so special that you only wear it once. Ideally, you want to be able to wear it again throughout the year(s). The dress I’m wearing above could be worn to Passover or Easter with the leather jacket, and then to a wedding with the strappy sandal. And I plan to wear it into fall with a turtleneck bodysuit and high boots too!

So here’s a list of great dresses that are memorable but also wearable – if you order today it can arrive by the holiday. I included a range of prices and lengths and sleeves so hopefully, there’s something for everyone. And if all else fails, you can customize a dress that’s perfect for you.

Dresses for your Holiday and Beyond

And don’t forget that putting any old sweater on top of your dress can ruin it all!! There is a specific type of cardigan to go over dresses and proportionally flatter your figure – we wrote a whole post about it here!

Have wonderful holidays you guys!!






Photo: Molly Nook

Outfit details: LEFT Glasses // Dress (on sale) I wear  a small// Necklace // Shoes vintage (similar) // Jacket perfect for over a dress RIGHT Dress Also in Blue // Sandals // Bag // Necklace

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