A Short and Sweet Valentine’s Day Post

This is quite possibly the lamest blog post I’ve ever done, so I apologize in advance. The flu has knocked me out, hard. So this is a bare-bones, short and sweet one. What to wear for Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday that happens every year so the question that comes up every year too.

What If You Don’t Want To Go All Out for Valentine’s Day

What if you want to give a nod to the Valentine’s Day holiday but not go all out with hearts and pink and red? Personally, I think it’s kind of fun to acknowledge the day (even though the hubs and I typically avoid the crowds and spend the night in). But there is a difference between paying homage and dressing in a costume.

Here’s a quick, down and dirty, full-proof formula for a Valentine’s Day outfit that’s not too over the top but still celebrates the Hallmark Holiday of love is this…

If you’re wearing hearts, don’t wear red.
If you’re wearing red or pink, forgo the hearts.

That’s it. Easy peasy. Just enough, not too much.

I’ve been wearing this cozy sweater with jeans or even joggers in my daily life. But it pairs well with all 3 of these skirts for an office or going out to dinner look too. The wide stripe also plays nicely when trying to mix patterns – see how it looks good with all three? And, the heart is subtle enough, so you can wear it throughout the winter and it doesn’t scream Valentine’s Day.

Maybe  I like a good Valentine’s Day outfit because I don’t get to get dressed up for Christmas (I’m a nice Jewish girl after all). For those of you that do, I just scored this adorable tartan top for a client who had to retire her tried and true Christmas top. BTW, it’s 30% off with code BIGDEAL.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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