My Full Proof Outfit for Fourth of July and Beyond

Happy July people! Summer is in full swing, so that means in addition to the Fourth of July events you have on your calendar, there are most likely some other outdoor, summertime, backyard bbq’s and things you have coming up.

Getting dressed for Fourth of July and backyard parties are the kind of thing that causes people angst and the kind of event dressing that trouble many clients when we first meet. That, and what to wear to funerals, but we will have to cover funeral attire in a separate post…

There are a few reasons outdoor summer parties and July 4th in particular, are such a pain to dress for…

  1. If the party is on grass, heels are a no-no. It’s no fun to aerate the grass when you’re supposed to be socializing.
  2.  When the party is outdoors it could be super hot and sweaty – and it’s hard to look effortlessly cool when you are sweating your a** off.
  3. As the sun goes down and the bugs come out,  you want to be somewhat covered.
  4. You want to look kind of special because it’s an evening party, but not too done-up because it’s a bbq
  5. Patriotic is ok – full out Uncle Sam red, white and blue can be a costume.

Basically, it’s a huge cluster – no wonder it causes such issues. But no worries. Here’s a full proof dressing formula. And btw, it’ll work for your next (non 4th of July) outdoor party too.

The Full-proof Outfit

Peasant top + Lightweight Denim + Flat Sandals

I love this combo because it’s casual but still chic. White peasant tops hit the stores at all price points this season – you can find them everywhere from Isabelle Marant and Chloe to H&M and Target.

There is something really fresh and slightly feminine about a lightweight white top. And putting it with denim gives it a bit of a tough edge (making sure the denim is lightweight will help you not sweat to death). And of course, a flat sandal makes sure your heels don’t sink into the grass.  If you want to mix it up, you can wear white jeans and a chambray top too.

White Peasant Tops

Light Weight Denim

Red Flat Sandals

Happy Independence Day! Here’s to hoping you are free from stressing about what to wear this Fourth of July!






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