For Now, It’s Quarantine Life

Cute comfy clothes and a pandemic quarantine is not what I was planning to write about this week. And I am sure being housebound is not how you were planning to spend your week (or weeks) either. But this is our reality right now and there are a few things that are helping me make the best of a rather yucky situation

Yes, I’m kind of freaking out, but I’m also trying to practice self-care and not put my current anxiety on my kids. Btw, pretty sure I’m failing on the latter, but I am trying…

Probably like most of you, I spend the majority of my time running around like a chicken with my head cut off. And truly I’m not mad about it, – it’s just my normal, and actually how I tend to thrive, or has been, until now.

I’m Trying to Appreciate Slowing Down

Being housebound means slowing down. There’s nowhere to go and no one to see. As you can imagine, the personal wardrobe consulting part of my business has pretty much come to a complete halt. So I’ve got some extra time on my hands and I’m trying to make the most of it. I often say I want to stay in my comfy clothes all day,  give my self a face mask, or clean up my inbox or even sleep in, but I rarely do it.

So, now is the time I get to do all of those things – all while staying in my PJs (or comfy clothes because every few days it’s nice to “dress up”.)

Comfy Clothes

I’m 100% that person that changes into their comfy clothes the minute I get home. And for that matter take my bra off, as long as my kids don’t have friends over. And I’ve written about comfy clothes both HERE and HERE in the past. However, I think this whole quarantine thing gives comfy clothes a chance to be in the spotlight again… And many of you asked for it… So here ya go…

I have a few goto brands when it comes to cozy but cute loungewear…And I didn’t realize until I started writing this that most of them are California companies, but it makes sense. They epitomize that laid back but finished, casual coastal lifestyle.

Lauren Moshi

When I think of super soft but stylish sweats that have fun, graphic designs, it’s Lauren Moshi.  Their tag line is …it begins w/ original hand-drawn art, & ends on ultra-soft fabric… Even my clients that have serious tactile issues love this brand. And, while the pieces are uber soft, they stand up well to washing and wearing. The actual Lauren Moshi site has the most selection but her pieces are available at other retailers too.

My Favorite Comfy Clothes from Lauren Moshi


Sundry describes itself as coastal casual with french chic – and I agree. My number one, all-time, favorite sweatshirt that you’ve seen on IG a zillion times and says “Always Late” is from Sundry. Again, the best selection is on their site, but it’s available elsewhere too. FYI – their sizes run 0 -xs, 1- s, 2-m, 3- L, 4 -xl.

My Favorite Comfy Clothes from Sundry


Alo is primarily a yoga brand but they specialize in studio to street clothes. And their clothes feel luxurious while still performing really well.

My Favorite Comfy Clothes from Alo


LNA started by making the perfect t-shirt and then expanded into making comfy clothes to live in.

My Favorite Comfy Clothes from LNA

Aviator Nation

Aviator Nation is a 1970’s inspired line that has a vintage vibe while simultaneously being totally current. They also make kid’s clothes so you can match with your mini if you like. FYI – I think their pieces tend to run small so I size up for a slouchy fit.

My Favorite Comfy Clothes from Aviator Nation

Spiritual Gangster

Wearing Spiritual Gangster feels good both from a cozy factor and from a do-good aspect too. For every item Spiritual Gangster sells, they donate proceeds to provide a meal to a person in need through their partnership with Feeding America. With over 11 million meals donated to date, they collectively impact the fight against hunger.

My Favorite Comfy Clothes from Spiritual Gangster

So, in addition to comfy clothes, I’m cooking a lot, binge-watching Netflix and learning to play poker. I’m putting off the organizational projects until next week – this was supposed to be spring break vacation after all! What are you all doing to stay busy (and sane)?

Stay safe friends – and WASH YOUR HANDS!

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