Don’t toss your skinny jeans just yet…

Yes, we’ve been waxing poetic about the direction of pant/jean styles  lately. And, yes, if you are going to invest in something new, and you’re the more fashion forward type, DO NOT GO THE SKINNY JEAN route.
But, that does not mean you need to ditch your collection of skinny jeans (yet). Don’t worry – we’ll let you know when that ship has officially sailed.
As of now it hasn’t – you can, and should still wear those skinny jeans sitting in your closet. But with a few styling tweaks…

How wearing a skinny jean this season

Note: We scoured the web for the best street style stars depicting how to interpret these new rules for skinnies. All it takes is a few tweaks in proportion…

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The New Rules / How to’s for the Skinny Jean

1. Show ankle.

Cut em’ high low. Hem em’ to the ankle. Or cuff em’,  so the skinny jean is little less skinny, and has a kick at the bottom.

High low


Raw Hem at the Ankle


Finished Hem at the Ankle

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2. Wear an updated shoe, like a sock bootie.

(Remember when we told you to get a sock bootie two years ago? Well they’re still in and here to stay AND WE UPDATED THE LINKS SO THERE ARE MORE AFFORDABLE OPTIONS) Styling note: make sure the skinny jean hem hits at the top of the bootie…or roll them…
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3. Pair your skinny jeans with an OTK (over the knee) boot

as well as a longer topper so it looks classy not trashy.
skinnies_otk_bootsGold Bar

4. Go higher in the Rise of your skinny jean

As we said, it’s all about proportions. That’s what makes things look current or dated. So, if you’re going to buy new skinnies, opt for a pair with a 9-11inch rise – they’ll feel fresh and take you thru another good 5-7 years.


Really, wear the skinnies you have, but,  if you’re going to buy new, try and go a little wider in the leg, like a mom jean. Catch the trend on the upswing so you’ll have more time to enjoy it…  just like the sock boot we posted about 6 seasons ago, it’s where things are headed.
So, how’ll you wear your skinnies this season?? Gonna try and cut them yourself? or do a big cuff? Any of the looks above really speak to you? Let us know – PLEASE!!!!
Header photo: Molly Nook
Hallie’s Outfit details: Jeans // Top similar// Shoes // Sunnies
Street Style photos via: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8
Post and links updated 12/12/18

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    • Hallie Abrams Reply

      Hey Britni – totally!!! We’ll get on it ASAP:)

        • Hallie Abrams Reply

          Thanks for the love Lisa! We are working on a tutorial as I type!! I’m remedial when it come to technology so, Ineed to figure out how to actually post a video… #sadbuttrue Have a great day girlie! xx

  1. Would love to see a tutorial on how to cut hems on my skinny jeans!

  2. Any thoughts on what to do with my pile of boot it jeans? They weren’t cheap and I still like the fit but not from the knees down!!

  3. Not only do I need a post on how to cut the skinnies, I need a workshop! Crafting is not my thing.

    • Hallie Abrams Reply

      LOL!! Julie, maybe we can do that too… Have a great day! xx

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