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I am so thankful to my client and friend, Heidi, for introducing me to Kalyn Johnson Chandler. Kalyn’s a real-life wonder-woman that started her career as an attorney and then pivoted to create the lifestyle brand Effie’s Paper: Stationery & Whatnot. And she is completely Girl Crush worthy! I love doing this Girl Crush feature because it gives me an opportunity to meet and connect with some of the most kick-a** women. Women like Sharon Tal, Jackie Wachter, and Beth Ricinati to name a few.

I’m excited for you to meet Kalyn and check out some of her favorite things (she’s got really good taste btw…)! I was especially struck that front and center on Effie’s homepage is their credo, “We believe the future is female & that  it’s being fueled by black girl magic!” Powerful, right?

Speaking of Black Girl Magic

Since Black Out Tuesday, and the social awakening that is happening in our country, I’ve been actively networking. Seeking out black-owned fashion and accessories brands and businesses to recommend, bring to your attention, and collaborate with.

It’s a process. Not because there aren’t many great options, there are. But rather because when I make recommendations to all of you, I like to do my due diligence. I try not to just google something and share it with you. For gosh sakes, you can do that yourself!

I typically network with people I know and trust, reach out to brands, speak with either the owners or someone on the team, and then actually try the products. It’s a process. But one I think is worth it and I hope one that keeps you all coming back each week because you then trust the recommendations I am making.

Effie’s Paper: Stationery & Whatnot

I’m excited for you all to meet  Kalyn. She was kind enough to send me the CUTEST travel mug from Effie’s with lips all over it. You’ll be seeing a lot of it on my IG soon – it’s just a design that makes you smile. And I’m using every prop I can to evoke smiles these days. Anyway, it’s time for me to let you hear about Kalyn and Effie’s from Kalyn herself. And then get a glimpse of her impeccable taste when she shares her current obsessions.

Here’s Kalyn…

My name is Kalyn Johnson Chandler and among other things, I’m the founder and creative director of Effie’s Paper:: Stationery&Whatnot. I’m a lawyer turned fashion stylist turned stationer/graphic designer (and sous chef to my husband when he lets me in the kitchen!). My weaknesses are diamonds, pretty stationery, Hermes scarves, travel, sequins, and metallics. I love a little touch of glam! And, I love to laugh (little secret-everyone looks better when they smile). 

Who’s Effie? Effie was my maternal grandmother.  My company is named after my maternal grandmother, Mrs. Effie Hayes, who believed that a woman should always carry a hanky, wear the perfect shade of red lipstick and be able to write a wicked thank you note.  My gran fostered my love of stationery and all things paper, so it only seemed fitting that I would name my stationery company after her.  But, you best believe, Effie’s Paper is not your grandmother’s version of a stationery company.  In fact, Effie’s Paper is a lifestyle brand presenting cool and on-trend accessories for fun at work, stylish travel, and a chic daily life. 

Kalyn’s Obsessions

Hermès Scarves

I fell in love with Hermès scarves when I was in graduate school.  At the time a new friend of mine always wore one – they were so versatile and colorful – but très expensive!  But, I’m always cold and figured investing in a good scarf that I could wear daily to keep my neck warm would pay off in the long run.  Since then I’ve become a collector, but unlike other Hermes scarf collectors, I wear my scarves!

Kalyn’s exact scarf is sold out. If you love the look of a Hermes scarf but not the price tag, try a vintage Hermes scarf.


The Amalfi Coast

My husband and I traveled to the Amalfi Coast together for the first time 11 years ago and let’s just say I didn’t want to come home.  My favorite isle is Capri, but there are sooo many beautiful gems to visit – Ravello, Ischia, and Procida to name a few.  The views, the water, the food, and la dolce vita all appeal to my sense of being.  I could definitely live there for part of the year. Fun fact – parts of The Talented Mr. Ripley were filmed here.

Since travel seems like it could still be a ways away, bring some Amalfi memories home. I love idea of a candle that smells like your favorite place.


Female Empowerment

I am a fervent believer in women supporting women.  Women, and Black women, in particular, have had to prove we’re twice as good to get half as far for too long in this country. The fear of our success is palpable.⁣  Opinionated. Bossy. Aggressive. Take your pick. I’ve been labeled all of these and then some. Labels make people comfortable. The label I choose is FEMINIST AF. I am for the empowerment of women, I support women, I employ women. This belief is woven into the ethos of Effie’s Paper.  Our motto is “The Future Is Female and it’s being fueled by Black Girl Magic!”

I think there needs to be whatnot that says FEMINIST AF!!


Pretty Stationery

This is kind of a no-brainer, right?  I mean, I own a stationery company!  I’ve been obsessed with stationery and pretty paper since I was a little girl.  When my sister and I were kids, my grandmother worked for a greeting card company; there was always plenty of pretty paper at my grandparent’s house for us to practice our penmanship on, write letters and organize.  I’m an avid letter writer; it’s so much easier to sit down and put pen to paper when you have pretty stationery to write on!  And I’m super excited because we’re launching a stationery subscription box in September – there’s gonna be soooo much goodness in these boxes – that will make it easy to sit down every month and send a little sunshine to your family and friends.

Such pretty stationery at Effie’s

Anything Rockstud

I admit it, if it has a rockstud on it I probably own it or have it in a shopping cart!  I’m a sucker for Valentino’s Rockstud.  There’s something about the pairing of classic lines with those rocker-chic studs that makes me week in the knees.

There Rockstuds love extends to more than just shoes…


I’d like to let you know there are more black-owned and POC fashion brand recommendations on the way. I am working on it, and also open to your suggestions. Please drop a comment and share your suggestions.

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