Hallie Abrams and Sara Shookman style animal prints

Animal Prints are HUGE right now. Maybe too Huge.

Animal prints are forever chic. They’ve truly never gone out of style. But right now, the animal print trend is huge. Like maybe too huge. All you have to do is spit and you’ll hit an animal print something in every store you enter. There is not a retailer, from Target to Saks (and everywhere in-between) that hasn’t jumped, heavily, on to this trend. In some ways, it’s great, because you can find animal print pieces at all price points. But in some ways, it’s feeling kind of overdone and saturated.

And as one client recently said to me “5 years ago you had me wear my animal print pieces and I felt a little edgy and different. Now when I go out it seems like everyone is wearing it, it’s a sea of women in leopard and it all just blends together.”

So the question might not be How to Wear Animal Print BUT How to Wear Animal Prints and Make Them Uniquely Your Own for 2020… Because getting dressed is about communicating who you are. Not just looking like everyone else.

WKYC, Channel 3 Asked Me to Style Animal Prints for 2020

When I was asked to do a “Love Your Look” segment about animal prints with Sara Shookman and the WKYC Chanel 3 team, I said yes in like 3.5 seconds…For those of you that have been following along for a while,  it’s a different spot than the live segment about holiday party outfits I did a few weeks ago, which was also super fun.

To See The Love Your Look Animal Prints Segment CLICK HERE

One of the fun things about the Love Your Look segments is that they do a longer, more detailed and in-depth version for the web (think 5-7 min instead of the typical 90-second on-air spot). Here’s a link to the LONGER SEGMENT.

I really appreciate the opportunity to do these various kinds of on-air styling segments. On-air or editorial styling flexes a different part of my stylist’s brain than my one on one client consulting and, even different than blogging.

Editorial vs. Personal Styling

The long and short of it is this… Editorial styling (like for TV or magazines or fashion shows) is about being a little extra (so something catches the viewer’s eye and makes them stop to look). And it’s about the clothes wearing the person –  you are supposed to notice the clothes first. But with personal styling, it’s about the person that is wearing the clothes. And that the clothes match the message or style statement the wearer wants to put out to the world. You notice the person first and the clothes second – they need to work together, seamlessly. So you notice, but don’t realize you noticed, get it?? It may sound like subtle differences or semantics, but it completely changes the approach I take as a stylist. And, in the intended outcome as well.

Real People – Real Style

The cool and somewhat challenging part of these on-air segments is that we use real people, not hired models to show off the looks. Gorgeous women, but real women. Meaning they’re all ages, shapes, and sizes. Not just 6 ft tall 20-year-olds.

When I approach this kind of styling, I want to be a little extra BUT I also want the person wearing the clothes to feel awesome and confident in what they’re wearing (like I do with my personal styling clients). I want to see their shoulders confidently back and the smile on their faces. And at the same time, I want to be able to tell the story of the segment with the clothes.

5 Tips for Styling Animal Prints – From Basic to Bold

  1. If you’re just dipping your toe into this trend or you’re more of a classic type, keep it simple with a monochromatic look and leopard accessories.
  2. Are you already happily wearing an animal print? Then try switching your animal up and wear a zebra, giraffe or tiger print.
  3. If you’re not afraid of color, try an animal print in a bright color like red or blue.
  4. Try an animal print in an unexpected material like sequins for a night out or an event.
  5. And, if you’re really bold, try mixing multiple animal prints together – it can look amazeballs!!

The Shopping Links

When I shop for a segment (and for a client) I like to use various stores to create unique looks. Most of the items I used are link-able, and I’ve linked them below to make it easy for you. But some pieces are from specialty boutiques or vintage pieces that can’t be exactly replicated.- in those cases, I linked the store or a similar piece I found.

I’ll break down each look to make it easier for you…

Scroll thru < > and click for all the outfit details

On Hallie:

On Sara:

The Models

From Left to Right: Susan * Camille * Krissi * Jessa

On Susan:

Susan’s earrings are from Mavec Collections and her necklace is from Knuth’s. The coated jeans, belt, wrap, gloves, and boots are all linked below – just click the photo for a direct link.

On Camille:

Camille’s earrings are from Kunth’s. The rest of the outfit is linked below.

On Krissi:

Krissi’s outfit is not as easily linkable. The bag and earrings are available at Knuth’s. The jumpsuit and booties are both now on sale and limited quantities, so I linked similar pieces.

On Jessa:

Jessa’s bag is the Fount Banjo bag – the rest of her outfit is linked below.


Happy Holidays everyone! I can’t believe we are approaching a new decade. Happy New Year and thank you, as always for following along.

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